Adding Creative Floor Rugs and Carpets to Modern Interior Design

creative rugs and carpets and unusual design ideas for modern interior design


Creative and unusual floor rugs and carpets do not need to be expensive. There is a tendency to believe that the word custom means expensive, but many modern rug manufacturers produce a truly customized floor rugs and carpets and sell them online for a manageable cost.

Custom-sized rugs are ideal for awkward spaces. Innovative and creative floor rugs and carpets are great for any interior design. These unusual floor rugs and carpets transform interior design and decor with wonderful colors, textures or surprising designs, and add amazing decoration patterns to modern floors creating stunning centerpieces.

Every home should have at least one unique area rug. Basic rugs and carpets are functional, but unique area rugs give the perfect touch to interior design and personalize rooms in style. Unique floor rugs and carpets stand out in your home, draw attention and serve as gorgeous decorative accents enhancing interior design textures and room colors. Unusual area rugs jazz up interior decorating and add an artistic touch to your home decor.

Unique floor rugs and carpets

Contemporary rugs and carpets for unique, comfortable and modern interior design

How to choose unusual floor rugs and carpets for your floor decoration

Modern rugs and carpets allow to play with creative shapes. Stereotypical square or rectangle rugs are boring. Look for odd shapes and unexpected designs that give a different look to your interior design and can create a fantastic focal point of the room decorating.

Area rugs and carpets in beautiful color combinations and bright hues that match your interior design color schemes add spectacular accents to modern floor decoration. Floor rugs that match your dominant color for a room enhance it. Floor rugs in contrasting colors are perfect for adding a splash of color that make the dominant room colors look even better.

Colorful rugs and carpets with floral designs

Unique rugs and carpets create a fantastic sensual effect, changing the mood in your room. Casual and relaxing floor decoration or luxurious and exclusive, unique rugs and carpets bring character into modern interior design and define the mood in the room. Their color combinations, textures, edge lines and shapes determine the overall feel that rugs and carpets add to floor decoration.

Unusual floor rugs and carpets adding innovative designs to modern interior decorating

Innovative design ideas for modern floor carpets

Texture is very important. Modern rugs made with unique materials, sculptured contemporary rugs and carpets or area rugs created of different materials bring different varieties of fiber and fabulous appearance into modern interior design. The unique texture will not only draw the eye and command attention to the gorgeous centerpiece, but add luxury and style to room decorating.

Floor rugs and carpets with geometric patterns creating optical illusions

Unusual and unique rugs and carpets add a contemporary flair and a touch of class, enriching modern interior design ideas with elegance and warmth. These beautiful home accessories bring comfortable feel into room decorating and create inviting homes.

Contemporary floor carpet tiles and space saving flooring ideas for modern interiors

Modern rugs and carpets, colorful sculptured wool rugs

Unusual floor rugs and carpets are designed to be different, to stand out, and help create unique floor decoration and brighten up modern interior design.

Handmade rugs adding amazing crafts to modern floor decoration
Modern rugs and carpets made of unique materials
Unique design ideas and textures for modern interior decorating
Creative and whimsical design ideas, unique textures and bright room colors for modern interior decorating with rugs

  by Ena Russ   

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