6 Family Friendly Modern Kitchen Design Trends

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Family friendly modern kitchen design



Family-friendly, Green and functional are three modern kitchen design trends that make life with kids easy and comfortable. Fresh ideas and creative, simplistic, and Green designs help organize modern kitchens, turn the spaces into eco-friendly interiors, and simplify family life at the same time. Swedish designers shared their view at modern kitchens, presenting family-friendly kitchen trends that give a nice feel and a new look to modern kitchens.

Kitchen design trends offer attractive, straightforward and cheap ideas for creating eco-friendly and family-friendly interiors which turn kitchens into versatile, multi-functional, and comfortable. Modern kitchen design trends are a blend of masculine and feminine ideas, kids designs, and smart organizing to make kitchen interiors more inviting and comfortable for everyone. Improved storage and space-saving solutions for small kitchens, together with unique, modern accents create beautiful, eco-friendly, and family-oriented kitchen and dining room designs.

Lushome brings a collection of modern kitchen design ideas to demonstrate the latest trends in kitchen designs and to give inspiration for creating family-friendly, unique and welcoming interiors on a small budget. Simplicity and functionality, eco-friendliness and convenience make modern kitchens perfectly suitable and comfortable for all family members and both genders.

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Family-oriented kitchen design trends

Family friendly modern kitchen design

1. Inviting male cooks

Today men enjoy cooking and baking, and masculine kitchen design ideas improve the spaces creating pleasant and comfortable men-oriented interiors with a touch of industrial style. Dark kitchen colors for accents, glass, metal, combined with rustic wood, high-tech kitchen appliances, and accessories are modern kitchen design trends that make functional and beautiful interiors both gender friendly.

Black and white kitchen design and decorating ideas
High-tech kitchen accessories

2. Kids-friendly kitchen design

Family-friendly kitchen design ideas for functional and modern homes

Family-friendly modern interior design ideas for small spaces

Kids-friendly kitchen design includes safe and comfortable solutions for work areas, functional and ergonomic kitchen layout, protection for children and pets, accessories for people with disabilities, and kitchen furniture that allows kids and elderly help with cleaning, cooking, and baking.

Family-friendly, safe, bright, modern kitchen design

3. Open spaces and large dining tables

Creating spacious interiors, uniting dining and living rooms with modern kitchens are one of modern kitchen design trends that connect families and improve communication. A spacious dining area with a large dining table allows to invite friends and set all family members at the table more often. Open spaces provide a perfect atmosphere for having fun with friends and loved ones. Large dining tables are ideal for sharing cooking time, dining, and getting families closer. Open space with a large dining table improves modern lifestyle.

Kids friendly kitchen design and decorating in light and bright colors, large dining tables and spacious dining areas

4. Storage and organization

Everything should have a designated place in a modern kitchen. Improved storage solutions, simple and practical storage ideas are modern kitchen design trends that make life stress-free and pleasant.

Eco-friendly storage ideas for Green kitchen design

5. Eco kitchen design

Eco-friendly kitchens bring together Green ideas for storage food and healthy ideas for kitchen decorating with natural materials. The eco-design trends have the power to stay forever, making recycling easy, creating a natural environment and healthy atmosphere in modern homes.

Recycling and storage solutions for kitchen organization

6. Multi-functionality of kitchen design

Design trends bring creative ideas for improving living spaces, especially functional small spaces. Modern kitchens easy transform into dining rooms, meeting or study rooms. Kitchen decorating ideas allow changing the space for different tasks. Folding and modular kitchen furniture are useful for creating a different setting in a kitchen. Lamp shades and furniture covers are modern trends in decorating also. The decorative accessories are smart, economical solutions which help refresh kitchen decor quickly and on a small budget.

Easy to change decorating accessories, fabric lampshades, dining chair covers
Metal kitchen accents, modern tableware and dark kitchen colors

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