22 Wood Covering Ideas for Modern Bathroom Tubs, Adding Natural Beauty to Bathroom Design

wooden covering and bathtub enclosure design ideas
Wooden covering for modern bathroom tub inspired by boats



Wood covering for a bathroom tub is an elegant and beautiful decorating idea that brings warmth into bathroom design and helps create coziness. Wood is pleasant and inspiring, perfect for private, peaceful, and comfortable bathroom design with a natural feel and universal appeal. Lushome shares a collection of bathroom design ideas where a wooden bathtubs covering takes central stage.

Wood and water are maybe incompatible, but modern bathroom design offers many practical ways for decorating with wood while protecting it. Waterproof finishes and exotic types of wood work well for bathrooms. A wooden bathtub covering not just looks attractive and classy, but it is practical, stylish, and luxurious. Wood is an excellent material for bathtubs decorating.

Latest trends in decorating bring more wood, especially exotic wood types, into bathroom design. Eco style calls for natural materials and Green ideas, and a wooden bathtub covering or enclosure is a modern alternative to bathroom tiles and plastic panels.

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Wooden enclosure for tub inspired by boats

Wood bathroom tubs and wooden tub coverings remind of first vessels built with moisture resistant woods. Mahogany, Teak, Wenge, California Redwood, Bald Cypress or Larch are perfect for sophisticated modern bathroom tub enclosures as new technology allows protecting decorative wood coverings from moisture, adding unique accents to an interior design and creating beautiful, warm and attractive bathrooms.

The natural beauty of wood texture and color gives a chic look to wooden designs. Finished with varnish, wooden coverings for bathroom tubs create elegant, timelessly stylish, beautiful details for modern bathroom design. Surrounded by wood bathroom tubs remind graceful ancient barks and yachts, adding character and luxurious feel to bathroom interiors.

Classic wood covering for bathroom tubs

Wood paneling and skirts for tubs are a contemporary alternative to bathroom walls. Wooden enclosures decorate bathtubs and create a spacious and open room design. Salvaged wood planks and reclaimed boards are fabulous materials for bath tub decoration. Wood is inspiring and invites to experiment with the natural, warm and stylish materials, perfect for accentuating modern bathroom design.

Beautiful wood skirt design for modern bathroom tub
Creative bath tub enclosure made with solid wood
Built-in wooden floor tub, modern bathroom design inspired by Asian style
Wooden side shelves for modern bathroom tub

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