2 Beautiful Fabric Playhouse Design Ideas for Girls and Boys

kids designs for toddle bedroom decorating, playhouses for boys and girls

Fabric playhouse design for boys, toddler bedroom decorating ideas


Beautiful playhouses for boys and girls from a Danish company are versatile, suitable for modern kids playroom ideas and picnics. Natural fibers of home fabrics and textiles by Helgi Home and attractive themes bring colorful prints and offer great interior decorating ideas for kids rooms and play areas inside the house and outdoors.

Lushome presents these cheerful and colorful playhouse design ideas to inspire parents. The colorful and romantic kids designs can brighten up toddler rooms and personalize interior decorating. Two themes that include Princess and Sailors, create beautiful fabric prints, perfect for little girls and boys.

The collection of baby room accessories and nursery decorations Spilhus, which means Playing at Home, creates a wonderful atmosphere in homes and add character to nursery and toddler rooms. The playhouses are made only from natural materials. The base is made of solid wood and treated with a special odorless protective coating to use it in home interiors and in outdoor rooms.

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Playhouse design ideas

Playhouse design for girls, beautiful kids designs made with natural home fabrics

Each playhouse design features lots of interesting details, edging, ruffles on the roof, door and window curtains, which add charming cozy accents to the made for young kids designs.

100% natural cotton and wool are ideal materials for kids designs. In addition to a wooden frame and a cotton cover, tent-like playhouses are equipped with two pillows and a quilted blanket. 100% cotton pillows and blankets make sleeping a pleasure.

Wool and cotton fabrics with bright prints in pink and red colors, playhouse decor accessories, throws and pillows

The base has a universal size, 130 x 130 cm (51 x51 inches), providing a warm foundation for the playhouse, ideal for picnics and playing outdoors. Spacious playhouse design and attractive decorating fabrics create beautiful toddler rooms which can fit any home interiors.

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Fabric playhouse design for boys, toddler bedroom decorating ideas

To buy the playhouses go to the site of the company Helgi Home.

  by Ena Russ   

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