16 Fun Ideas for New Years Eve Party and Beautiful Table Decorations

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New Years Eve is about fun and smiles, enjoying good time with friends and family, dreaming and making plans. Celebrating this winter holiday with the entire world is a great idea that can inspire New Years Eve partydecorations.

1. Plan to do something kind before and during New Years Eve. New Years Eve is the perfect time to tell friends and loved ones how special they are. New Years Eve without them wouldn’t be fun at all.

2. Call relatives that live in different towns or countries, make special greeting cards and prepare small after party gifts to surprise and delight your winter holiday party guests.

New Years Eve celebration

3. New Years Eve party table decorations can be inspired by beautiful winter season. Snowflakes and pine cones, snowmen and snow balls, spiced up with shiny winter holiday decorations and colorful candles, colorful drinks and amazing food, create wonderful table centerpieces.

4. Small globes, world maps and clocks are great ideas for New Years Eve party table decoration.You can mark every hour how The New Year travels from one country to another, and from the Atlantic coast to Pacific.

Snowflakes for window decorating, fresh ideas for New Years Eve

5. Decorate walls and ceiling with light snowflakes and colorful year numbers, creating festive entryway, dining room, kitchen, guest bathroom and living room decor for winter holiday party. Large paper snowflakes and creative wreaths that look like stars and snowflakes are excellent window, door and wall decoration ideas for New Years Eve.

Ideas for New Years Eve, edible table decorations

6. Make yourself feel beautiful, relaxed and happy. If you have time, get rid of clutter and donate things you do not use, creating airy and fresh room decor for winter holiday.

Glass ball chandeliers and beautiful table decoration for New Years Eve

7. Forgive all people who made you feel sad. Forgive yourself too before the New Years Eve party to start the celebration and the new year, feeling fresh, peaceful and free.

Recycling paper and making snowflakes

8. Bake a cake with edible surprises hidden inside.

White New Years Eve cake with clock

9. Design a fun table centerpiece with sandwiches that look like national flags of different countries. Offer your guests to eat one sandwich every hour, following the New Year which travels to the country, represented by the sandwich.

8 charming room decorating ideas for New Years Eve party

10. Glue glass beads to glass jars for creating festive and bright candle holders. You can write numbers of the upcoming year on a jar and leave these spots clear of beads to add amazing, meaningful and beautiful decorative accents to New Years Eve table decoration.

Charming candle holders made of glass jars and white beads for New Years Eve

11. Create unusual, informal and fun New Years Eve party table decor with festive colors, winter holiday decorations, small toys and shiny accents.

Contemporary New Years Eve decorations and inspirations

12. Write a list of your guests and ask each guest to bring a small handmade gift for another person. You will have fun giving these special presents to each other.

Handmade snowmen, creative ideas for New Years Eve table decoration and cheap after party gifts

13. Ask each guest to name the best personal event or pleasant experience that happened this year and feel joy, saying ‘good buy’ to the great year of your life.

14. Think about unusual ideas for New Years Eve and fun things to do with your friends to remember.

Dancing on the snow, fun ideas for New Year celebration

15. Offer your guests to talk about next years plans, creating a strong friendly support group for everyone.

16. Discuss with your guests and write down one wish for all for the upcoming year, creating another reason to meet again in December and talk about it, enjoying another New Years Eve together.

Ideas for New Years Eve and winter holiday table decoration

  by Ena Russ   

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