125 plus 25 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas, Bright Kitchen Colors, Patterns and Unique Details

creative ideas for modern kitchen design and decor

Contemporary kitchen design, colorful accents in blue color, unusual kitchen hood and upholstered chairs


Contemporary kitchen design ideas blend elements of various decorating style, neutral colors with bright accents, classic decoration patterns and unusual details, natural materials and new contemporary finishes. Surprising, creative and impressive, contemporary kitchen design turns these functional home interiors into bright, very attractive, comfortable, fresh and interesting modern kitchens.

Bold and beautiful ideas for contemporary kitchen design that Lushome collected will inspire and help to select the perfect kitchen design for your home. The collection show kitchen trends and how to blend contemporary kitchen design ideas with various decorating style, neutral colors and bright kitchen colors, classic decoration patterns with surprising accents and details, creating unique and modern kitchens.

Bright geometric patterns are modern kitchen trends. Great for floor decoration and kitchen backsplash designs, geometric patterns are versatile and suitable for traditional and contemporary kitchen design. Bright kitchen colors and neutral colors look exciting and energetic combined with geometric patterns. You can add these decoration patterns to your contemporary kitchen design with mosaic tiles, floor or wall painting and modern wallpaper, adding a striking element to modern kitchen decor.

125 contemporary kitchen design ideas

Bright and creative ideas for contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary kitchen design, colorful accents in blue color, unusual kitchen hood with mirrored tiles and upholstered chairs with painted backs

Painting wall bright color and open shelves are one of modern kitchen trends. Removing cabinets doors and painting the wall are a simple project that adds a striking accent wall and contemporary vibe to modern kitchens. Attractive chevron and zigzag decoration patterns, bright kitchen colors and a creative style fusion look fresh and bright in modern kitchens.

Bright kitchen lighting fixtures, floor rugs, colorful pots and modern tableware in bright color are wonderful ideas to create vivid contemporary kitchen design. Also modern wallpaper patterns, painting kitchen cabinets and tile designs can add color, stylish decoration patterns and new textures to contemporary kitchen design ideas and beautifully accentuate modern kitchens by adding personal details.

Bright colorful accents for contemporary kitchen design, kitchen lighting

A magnetic board and creative decorating ideas help personalize modern kitchens. Metal surfaces enhance contemporary kitchen design and demonstrate your creativity. Colorful kitchen appliances bring that charming retro feel into modern kitchens and can compliment contemporary kitchen design ideas also.

Feng Shui colors for kitchen design, how to Feng Shui for wealth with kitchen colors

Top 8 contemporary kitchen design trends and decorating ideas

Concrete walls and handwritten notes look very contemporary, unusual and fresh. Creating an attractive concrete wall in kitchen interiors changes kitchen decor dramatically and adds an industrial vibe to modern kitchens. Painting floor or bringing floor rugs with stripes, chevron or zigzag patterns are nice kitchen decor ideas that dramatically transform boring kitchen design.

Colorful accents, geometric patterns for walls, contemporary kitchen decor ideas

A checkerboard decoration patterns in neutral colors, contrasting and complimenting color combinations update kitchen interiors. Floor decoration ideas are a creative way to refresh modern kitchens and add unique accents, interest and personality to traditional and contemporary kitchen design ideas. Stylish countertop ideas, stainless steel surfaces and metal tiles for kitchen backsplash designs are modern kitchen trends that create functional and contemporary kitchen interiors.

Modern kitchen cabinets and kitchen decor in black, white and brown colors

Modern kitchen interiors showing latest kitchen trends in decorating

Unusual ceiling designs are modern kitchen trends that make kitchen interiors look stylish and unique. Traditional or contemporary kitchen design with simple open shelves, ordinary kitchen cabinets and lighting design will look stunning with creative, surprising and modern ceiling.

Modern ideas for floor decoration
Bright upholstery fabric for kitchen stools and geometric pattern for wall decoration with tiles
Stylish blue color and artistic details adding contemporary vibe to modern kitchen design
Stainless steel countertop ideas for contemporary kitchen design
Painting ideas for modern kitchen s with open shelves

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