11 Modern Ideas and Inspiring Outdoor Home Design Trends

outdoor hot tub with tv panel
Oversized hot tubs with advanced modes and integrated TV panels



Outdoor home design trends continues to embrace playful and fun attitude. Modern house design trends connect interiors and outdoor living spaces, improving the beauty and functionality of yard landscaping and rooms, and connecting people with the nature in very pleasant and convenient ways. Lushome collection of modern ideas for outdoor home design and decorating provides great inspirations for all who are choosing to elevate the atmosphere in their backyards for a more multifunctional, filled with joy, comfortable and personal designs.

Outdoor home design trends for the future are reflecting modern ideas for outdoor living spaces that can be extravagant today. Unusual and exciting solutions, oversized designs, Green ideas and multifunctionality blend into fabulous design trends for creating dream homes and outdoor living spaces of the future.

The modern ideas for outdoor dining, relaxing and exercising bring fabulous designs which are technologically advanced, surprisingly oversized, interesting and innovative. These amazing design trends can transform outdoor home spaces and turn backyards into playgrounds for kids and adults.

Colorful Quick Click Dumbells, small home gym design ideas

Indoor swimming pools and outdoor swimming pool enclosures

Outdoor home design trends and modern ideas

1. Unusual outdoor swimming pool design trends

Outdoor swimming pool design trends create functional and attractive pools for fitness and fun, maximizing small spaces and surprising with creative and unusual solutions.

Modern ideas for balcony designs with outdoor swimming pools

Creative and unusual design ideas turn outdoor swimming pools into spectacular centerpieces that transform yard landscaping and add fantastic, glowing in the night focal points while setting an elegant and luxurious atmosphere for evening parties.

Space saving swimming pool design

2. Green ideas for outdoor home spaces

Creative Green ideas turn outdoor decks and terraces into beautiful retreats and add a natural feel to small balcony designs.

Creative Green ideas for outdoor living spaces

3. Unusual kids playground design ideas

Kids playgrounds are fun house improving design trends, increasing home values and creating fascinating outdoor living spaces for children. Creative, unusual and unique kids playground design encourages children to be active all year around and feel happy socializing with their friends.

Creative kids designs adding fun and surprising details to outdoor living spaces

4. Oversized hot tubs

Oversized hot tubs with integrated TV panels, side tables, seats and advanced modes allow to enjoy the company of friends, relax and entertain in contemporary style.

Oversized hot tubs with advanced modes and integrated TV panels

5. Underground wine cellars

Diners are looking for an enjoyable environment and convenience. Underground wine cellars are a great addition to modern home spaces. People who prefer an outdoor home dining when the weather is nice want to have a small, but functional and convenient wine cellar to store their favorite drinks.

Space saving wine cellar design with spiral staircase, modern kitchen design idea

During holidays and weekends families and friends can dine outdoors, enjoying fun experiences of their wonderful homes. Adding a small underground wine cellar to a kitchen or garden house is one of new and interesting house design trends that increases storage spaces and improves outdoor dining experience.

Underground wine cellar design with spiral staircase and glass door
Space saving round wine cellar with spiral staircase

6. Unusual hammock design ideas

7. Outdoor furniture and decor accessories with LED lights

Outdoor furniture design with LED lights glowing in the dark
LED lights for outdoor home decorating, glowing flower pots

8. Water playgrounds

Inflatable water jumping bouncers, trampolines, humorous, fresh and creative designs, oversized water toys for kids and adults make outdoor living spaces the families favorite spots to enjoy yards in good weather.

Floating picnic table with umbrella

9. Gazebo designs in contemporary styles

Contemporary gazebo designs
Plastic gazebo designs in contemporary style
Metal and wooden gazebo designs in sphere shapes

10. Connecting house design and outdoor home spaces

Outdoor home spaces are an integral part of modern house design. Colors, design style, textures and materials are great ways to connect home interiors, house exterior design and outdoor living spaces creating beautiful homes for modern lifestyle.

House exterior design and outdoor swimming pool in contemporary style
Open home interiors and patio surrounded by outdoor swimming pool, modern house design trends

11. Outdoor home gyms

Outdoor home gyms are a great idea for small homes. Home gym design is evolving, introducing new equipment and devices for outdoor exercises. Water bikes and treadmills, swimming pools with a current and gymnastic rings bring more health into backyard designs and set new home design trends.

Outdoor home gym design idea
Aqua bike, home gym design trends

These modern ideas demonstrate and define outdoor home design trends that can be great inspirations for home remodeling projects and creating truly comfortable, multifunctional and personal outdoor home spaces. These modern ideas may help Lushome readers to design the right atmosphere and choose the best yard landscaping and outdoor home design for particular climates and lifestyles. Seasonality and climate can limit how much people can enjoy outdoors, but adding outdoor patio heaters, gazebo glass windows and swimming pool enclosures are worthwhile expenses that will stretch outdoor home spaces and extend outdoor fun into the chillier months or cool evenings.

  by Ena Russ   

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