Spectacular Stone Walls Blending Ancient Art into Creative Stone Wall Design


building stone walls out of rocks and pebbles

Stone fireplace with wood trunk decoration, stone wall design idea

Spectacular stone walls blending ancient art and modern design are envisioned and built by Naomi Zettl and Andreas Kunert. These gorgeous, decorative stone wall installations are amazing and impressive. The couple from Vancouver designs and constructs fabulous stone walls, frescoes, fireplaces and decorative wall panels, celebrating the natural beauty of rocks and pebbles, and offering great inspirations for creating home decorating.

The pebble stone walls remind of beautiful pebble paths, and give more wonderful ideas for unique home decorating. The pebble stone walls look like garden paths built at a 90-degree angle. The artist duo creates beautifully flowing stone walls, which are unusual, extraordinary art installations built out of ordinary materials, – rocks, pebbles, wood and metal.

Creative design ideas give stone walls an articulated form, dramatic look and surprising feel. Each project of building stone walls involves finding the right stones and listening to the nature while creating unique wall design with a touch of ancient stone art.

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Creative stone walls

Stone fireplace with wood trunk decoration, stone wall design idea

Ancient Art of Stone, www.ancientartofstone.com is the website of the stone wall designers, which can be helpful for those who plan major home decorating projects. Beautiful stone wall designs give fantastic inspirations for yard landscaping and interior design with stones.

The artists sells prints of smaller detailed and colorful work that they create. These smaller pieces can incorporate colorful stones and elements of different natural materials, like wood, into creative wall design.

Stone fireplace created with rocks, pebbles and wood

Outdoor stone wall design with creative details, inspiring yard landscaping idea

Dramatic stone wall design with fireplace

Creative stone wall design idea giving a touch of art to fireplace

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  last updated: 13.06.2016


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