25 Original Wall Decorating Ideas Showing Creative Artistic Work

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tape design vintage clocks

Wall clock and wooden chair in vintage style

Empty walls are a new trend in decorating. Bare walls in modern colors look elegant and contemporary. For all who do not like white walls, creative wall decorating ideas help solve the problem. Quick and easy or impressive and beautiful wall decorations can dramatically change the way the interior design looks and feels. Lushome shares original and artistic ideas for modern wall decorating that blend creativity and style into room decor.

Adding a touch of bright color or unique painting to your wall, decorating with an unusual lamp or building impressive storage are engaging projects that transform living spaces. Get inspired by pictures below, wake up your imagination and come up with fresh ideas for modern wall decorating. A coat of paint on your walls is excellent for creating a perfect canvas for your beautiful wall decorations.

Whether you want to make an attractive DIY shelf or decorate your bare wall with images designed with a black tape, original accents make your interior design look unusual and creative. If you are in the mood of creating something new here are ideas for artistic wall decorations. If you do not feel adventurous to experiment with colorful tapes, tile designs and wall paints there are plenty of inexpensive and imaginative wall decorating ideas in the collection below for you to consider.

Creative interior design reinventing polka dots

22 modern tile designs creating patchwork patterns

25 ideas for original wall decorating

Imagination and originality produce an artistic work and help decorate your living spaces in a unique style. If you want to change how your rooms look, you just have to start small, transforming a single wall or walls in a small room quickly learning the art of making a big difference with small changes. The ability to envision new things shows creativity and helps give unique character to your empty walls.

shelving unit made with wooden boxes
DIY shelving made with painted white wooden boxes

1. Original shelves built with salvaged wood.

2. Bringing geometry into interior design.

geometric shapes black diamonds on white wall
Using black tape for white wall decoration with geometric shapes

3. Giving a natural feel to wall decorating.

branch painted on wall
Tree branch on white wall

4. Giving a touch of bright color.

garland with baby pictures and colorful clothespins
DIY garland with baby pictures and colorful clothespins

5. Using natural wood.

wood pile storage idea
White painted frame for firewood pile

6. Bringing fun and positive emotions.

garland with baby pictures
Garland with pictures of kids emotions

7. Framed crafts and paintings.

black and white frames
Framed art for wall decoration

8. Adding embroidery designs and knitted accents to drawings.

girl face drawing with blue flowers
Girl head sketch decorated with crocheted blue flowers

9. Abstract paintings and contemporary wall art.

artwork painting
Black and white painting

10. DIY wall lights.

framed art and letter with bulbs
Framed print and letter lamp with round bulbs

11. Drawing with black tape, wall clocks.

tape design vintage clocks
Wall clock and wooden chair in vintage style

12. Random accents.

red cup and white cups on black
Red cup with white cups painted on black canvas

13. Houseplants in recycled containers and original planters.

hanging wooden boxes with plants
Wooden boxes in various sizes decorated with plants

14. Black chalkboard painting ideas.

blackboard painting idea
Kids room decorating with black chalkboard paint

15. Reinventing vintage decor.

vintage wall mirror
Vintage decor and living room decorating

16. Quilts and crochet ornaments.

garland with colorful crochet designs
Garland with crocheted ornaments

17. Creative wall stickers.

black wall stickers giraffe animal
Black wall stickers creating giraffe on the wall

18. Black silhouettes.

silhouettes paper crafts
Black silhouettes on white wall

19. Original wall tile designs.

blue tiles in bathroom
Blue tiles for ceiling and walls

20. Adding a beautiful message board.

black chalkboard
Message board painted black paint

21. Contemporary wall shelf.

contemporary wooden shelf
Open wall shelves in contemporary style

22. Vintage decor accessories, mirrors, metal keys, old window frames.

vintage decor clocks and mirrors
Vintage wall clocks, mirror and entryway bench

23. Meaningful letters and numbers.

framed art love letters
Framed art for shelf decoration

24. Digital prints, paintings, and beautiful wallpapers

wall painting idea for classic interior design
Classic interior decorating with spectacular painting

25. Paper crafts.

paper crafts garland on wall
White garland, paper crafts for bedroom decorating

There are millions of fascinating wall decoration ideas in the world of creative and inexpensive interior design. Doing something new and innovative is perfect for finding gorgeous alternatives to traditional wall decorations. Attractive and flexible ideas, practical solutions and easy to work with materials make decorating fun. Reinventing vintage decor, blending conventional and novel, old and contemporary accents, recycling materials in a new manner while saving money, are smart ways of following modern trends for decorating on a budget and creating surprising and beautiful walls that make a statement.

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  last updated: 28.09.2017