Modern Interior Design with Fresco Wall Murals Inspired by Venetian Art

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Modern interior design with a painting done rapidly in watercolor on wet plaster on a wall or ceiling is one of the most spectacular, original and rich latest trends that bring the unique vintage style charm of Venetian art into contemporary living spaces. Lushome collection of modern interior design ideas that incorporate a fresco into wall decor let you enjoy the beauty of hand painting.

Fresco wall murals add the amazing artworks to modern interior design and help create luxurious interior decorating in contemporary or vintage style. In traditional fresco art a color penetrates the plaster and becomes fixed as it dries, bringing fascinating scenes, landscapes and images of people into interiors. The ancient frescoes are valuable and precious, but you can add beautiful modern paintings to your empty walls and enjoy exclusive and original painting ideas with a touch of unique vintage style.

Modern interior design with frescos and wall murals creates the beauty around you and allow to feel artistic every day. You do not need to go to remote deserted areas, located in 500 kilometers from Cairo, or visit Europe to see gorgeous frescoes. Modern wall painting ideas bring the ancient art into modern homes, and connect old traditions with contemporary novel and fresh wall decoration ideas.

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Antiques, vintage furniture and decor accessories in vintage style are popular trends in home decorating. Hand painted empty walls with beautiful landscapes or village life scenes add chic to unique vintage style decor and bring exclusive art into contemporary interiors. Fresco wall murals create truly amazing living spaces and offices.

Fresco wall mural art can create stunning optical effects and brighten up empty walls. The palace like interior design with frescos looks timelessly elegant, rich and exclusive. Large wall mural are the amazing art of decor in artistic style that reinvent ancient traditions and bring vintage style into modern life.

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Inspired by ancient art and famous Venetian paintings, small and large fresco wall mural art works bring romantic atmosphere into modern interior design and transform living spaces by adding one-of-a-kind hand paintings.

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Modern wall murals are striking and beautiful, unique and amazing. Fresco wall mural art and beautiful painting ideas in modern or vintage style look fabulous in all rooms. From living room designs and bedrooms to kids room decorating and office designs, modern wall mural art paintings, inspired by antique frescos and Venetian paintings, bring chic into living spaces and create unforgettable, unique and modern interior design.

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