How to Save Money Simply Saving Water at Home

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eco friendly products for modern bathrooms

Saving water at home can help save more money. By simply taking care of small things as checking shower and water pipes in your garden, repairing leakage and getting water saving bathroom fixtures you can save money and help the environment. Lushome shares practical ways of saving water and creating eco friendly home while saving money.

Water, energy and money are essential parts of modern lifestyle. Saving water helps save energy and save money without compromising the contemporary comfort level. Over 1.2 billion people lack access to safe water, and saving water helps the world, creating Green living style and protecting the planet.

Water is widely used in every home, and people use energy and spend money on having it. If your start think of water as energy and money, you can save money and solve the problem of wasting water in your home.

How to built an eco friendly home on a budget

Advanced bathroom faucet design influenced by Green ideas

4 water saving eco friendly products for kitchens and bathrooms, Green design ideas

Ways to save money on water

Water saving sink and toilet, modern ideas and Green design

1. Hybrid bathroom sinks and toilets, which recycle water from a sink and use water more efficiently.

2. Water saving shower heads.

3. Water saving kitchen and bathroom faucets.

4. Smart computer technology that optimize the amount of water for modern toilets and laundry machines.

Green design idea for modern bathrooms, water saving toilets

5. Modern bathroom toilets with advanced flush systems, saving up to 50% water.

6. Using dishwashers for doing dishes instead of hand-washing them use 10 -11 times less water.

Dishwashers save money, water and energy

7. Use full loads for your laundry.

8. Turn water off when cleaning teeth, and use a half of pressure when possible. Lowering the amount of water you use from 30 minutes in shower to 10-15 minutes saves a sufficient amount of water per month and year.

Water saving ideas and eco friendly products for home help save money

9. Choose traditional bathroom features instead of waterfall designs. The installation of  less-flowing of the water bathroom fixtures and components instead of pressurized flow helps save money, energy and water.

10. Regular checks in bathrooms, kitchen and garden, including decorative water features and swimming pools, save money.

Water saving shower heads

11. Turn water off when you are cooking, watching TV or something diverts your attention from your sink.

12. Collect rain water in your garden for watering plants.

Water saving kitchen faucets

Modern lifestyle is a combination of speed and effective use of everything, saving money and protecting the environment. Saving water by following simple steps makes your home eco friendlier, more functional and efficient.

Eco friendly products for modern homes

Sensor shower systems to save money, water and energy, Green design
Sensor bathroom faucets to save money, water and energy, Green design
Advanced flush system to save water
Integrated sink to recycle water for toilet flushing

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