Contemporary Chair with Unique Pocket Shaped Weft Seat

modern chairs with pocket shaped weft sea

Weft seat in white and blue colors


The fabric seat of this chair is made from a single piece of material and demonstrates a creative, simple and effortless furniture design idea. The Kenny chair has an unusual pocket-shaped seat fixed to a sturdy four-legged oak frame, giving this contemporary chair design an innovative look.

The seat is made from a loop of metal mesh, a thin piece of upholstery foam and a weft fabric from Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat. The furniture design material features two colors of yarn woven in different directions creating a traditional furniture upholstery fabric texture.

The designers from Raw Edges, pulled out individual threads to reveal more of the weft, creating a striped pattern across the fabric and adding interesting details for modern furniture design. Turning flat material into three-dimensional form is simple and easy with this new contemporary material that allows to create various shapes.

Unique chair design with 3d weft seat

Unique furniture design ideas, modern chairs with pocket shaped weft seat

The weft is the transverse thread or yarn which is drawn through the warp yarns to create cloth. The weft is made of spun fiber. The original fibers are wool, flax or cotton, creating beautiful modern furniture upholstery fabrics.

This chair design features an upholstery fabric made with man-made fibers which make the chair seat fabric stronger and allow to bend and fold the material in various direction while creating a 3d form.

Weft seat in white and blue colors

This modern furniture design idea is about creativity and simplicity, new technology and easiness. The chair design shows off the effortlessness of its geometry and add a unique piece to modern interior design.

Unique furniture design ideas

Contemporary furniture design, unique chair with hair

Unique furniture design idea blends music into wooden chair

Contemporary chair from Velichko Velikov, unique furniture design ideas

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