Colorful and Elegant Interior Design Adding Chic to Beautiful Living Spaces

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light green and pink colors for dining room decorating


Modern interior design ideas and exciting, vibrant shades, pleasant light pastels, golden accents, and an elegant touch of silver gray color tones create an impeccable, beautiful, and impressive style. Comfortable rooms look charming and unique. Spring decorating is about bright color, fresh hues, and cheerful color combinations. Bright and modern interior design by Sasha Bikoff mixes soft pastels, vibrant colors, neutral tones, and soft color shades offering fabulous color design and inspirations for beautiful spring decorating.

Designer rooms look spectacular and welcoming. The elegant simplicity of modern pieces, expensive antiques, and vintage decor accessories are mixed to create functional luxury and chic interior design. Artworks and fashion inspire the beautiful room colors. The multi-color design adds bright details that show innovative spirit. Unique accents make these modern home interiors surprising and fresh in a creative way.

Pleasant to the eye, comfortable and romantic pastels, light tones, and dazzling colors mix with white decorating ideas, silver and golden decorations. Gray brings elegant tenderness into the rooms. Every interior design project by Sasha Bikoff, gives great ideas for color combinations. Her colorful and comfortable interior decorating looks inviting and bold, offering beautiful living spaces to relax and enjoy the modern lifestyle. The rooms provide fantastic inspirations for mixing vintage decor with home furnishings in Art Decor or contemporary style.

Color design ideas for modern interiors

Purplish blue color and black-n-white room decorating ideas

The designer blends super modern home furnishings with antiques and creates attractive mixes with contemporary items and pieces in vintage style. Room decorating is expensive and exclusive. Every small thing is beautiful. Skillful arranging enhances the living space and adds more personality, style, and charm to room decorating.

Creativity and surprises delight. Modern interior design ideas reflect the personal taste and a sense of style turning a room into an intimate and comfortable place. Soft and tender room colors blended with bright shades create unique home interiors that look like secluded oases for a person who appreciate a stylish, exotic or gentle and feminine color palette.

Modern blue color and zebra stripe in black-n-white

These modern interior design ideas are truly inspiring, showing new opportunities to add character to room decorating with a color. Wall artworks and modern clothes are just the two examples of things that beautify room decorating. The attractive interior design is a blend of functionality and art demonstrating the importance of creating comfort and aesthetic appeal in every room of your home.

Black and white wall and black sofa with golden accents

Using your favorite room colors and comfortable furniture, bringing unique accents and adding items in vintage style to your home decorating create spectacular and modern interior design. Personalizing leads to physical enjoyment.

Flower arrangements, vintage furniture or decor accessories add the charm of the older times to contemporary living spaces. Bright hues feel home interiors with energy. The pink and golden colors stand for the retro styles of the 50s and 60s. Pastels soften modern interior design and add a nostalgic feel to room decorating. Blending all you like in elegant and functional manner creates a fabulous interior which looks glamorous, comfortable, intimate and unique.

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Dining room chairs and stools are an important element of attractive and comfortable room decorating. Modern furniture design adds more style to dining room decorating, blending traditions and fresh ideas for eco homes.

Tulips are edible flowers that add a unique flavor to meals. Floral arrangements with tulips are meaningful table decorating ideas. A mix of color and greenery are perfect for bright table centerpiece ideas.

Cork furniture pieces are eco friendly products that are comfortable and practical. Contemporary furniture design ideas combine cork and wood for creating attractive room decor items for modern eco homes.

Winter themed food design, bright colors and creative dinner table decorations, that guests are happy to taste, are an important part of creating New Years Eve party table decor.


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