Beautiful Winter Decorating Ideas in Scandinavian Style, Inspiring and Unique Mountain Retreat

wood stove scandinavian style
Vintage wood stove, round seating area



Winter decorating is about warmth and ultimate comfort. Niehku Mountain Villa, a unique hotel located above the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland, offers excellent Scandinavian-style inspirations for creating beautiful, warm, and comfortable rooms. Romantic and exciting living spaces are perfect for winter activities enthusiasts. The resort offers stunning slopes, spectacular views, and complete privacy.

Fur, wood, rich room colors, and warm textures add stunning accents to winter decorating in Scandinavian style, turning the house built in very harsh conditions, in the north of Sweden, 200 km above the Arctic Circle, into a welcoming retreat.

Wooden house covered with snow

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The luxurious and stylish interior design transformed an old ruined railway junction into a fantastic winter escape. It became an oasis of comfort and chic, spiced up with culinary delights away from civilization.

Warm bedroom colors
Modern bedroom design, warm textures
Comfortable living room furniture, warm light
Vintage wood stove, round seating area

  by Ena Russ   

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