Beautiful Design Turned The VitraHaus Loft Into Lush Interiors

modern loft design and decorating

Original accents for loft decorating


New York- and Los Angeles-based Charlap Hyman & Herrero reimagined the loft space introducing the concept of a lush landscape for living indoors. The beautiful design brought the outdoors into the living space and created a fantastic retreat that connects home interiors with outside places.

The loft design is colorful and exciting. It is a spectacular blend of modern and traditional, spiced up by a modernistic, vibrant, exclusive accents. Blue color tones and green colors feel natural and calming. Moss green and sky blue work perfectly together, uniting the loft areas and giving a natural feel to the modern interior design.

Moss green wall paint, glass wall design

The American design firm chose to mix furnishings worldwide that bring originality and playful mood into the beautiful loft design.

Modern lighting ideas for stylish loft designs

Space-saving loft design ideas for small rooms

Loft interior design featuring salvaged wood and beautiful details

Interior design by Charlap Hyman – Herrero,

Photos by Clemens Poloczek

Modern living room design, white sofa, floral pillows, wall art
Modern interior design featuring green colors
Original furniture and lighting, loft design
Dining table, decorative accessories, loft design
Green floor, wood furniture, bookshelves
Reading space, loft decorating in blue and green colors
Original accents for loft decorating

  by Ena Russ   

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