7 Modern Interior Design Ideas Bringing Luxury of Natural Stone into Homes

natural stone designs for home interiors

Striped stone bathroom design

Natural stones are luxurious eco friendly materials for modern interior design and decorating. Lushome collection shows hoe to use natural stone and add chic accents to any room or office designs. Stone slabs, stone tile designs, mosaics, modern furniture and lighting fixtures made with natural stone look spectacular and amazing, blending elegant style into living spaces and office designs.

Natural stones are the symbols of timelessly elegant and beautiful design. Natural stone does not loose its appeal with time, adding rich and expensive look to interior design and decorating. There are many different attractive natural stones for modern interiors.

Chic marble, durable granite, spectacular onyx, gorgeous quartz and warm travertine, practical slate and limestone, which are great flooring ideas and wall decoration materials.  Semi precious and precious stones, like agate, amethyst and amazonite give a fabulous look to modern interior design and decorating in any style.

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Modern interior design ideas using natural stones

Black stone coffee table made of three solid pieces, unique furniture design

Natural stones are universally appealing, versatile and modern interior design and decorating materials. Natural stones bring unique textures and pleasant colors into living spaces and spice up office designs. Even a small mosaic artwork with natural stones or a table top created with beautiful natural stone can dramatically transform any room, creating stunning interior design and decor on a low budget.

1. Stone slabs

Marble stone slabs are classic materials for interior design and decor. Granite, onyx and travertine slabs have their own character which enriches modern interior design or emphasize classic style decorating. Marble and onyx are the most luxurious choices which create fascinating, expensive and unique look.

Natural stone flooring ideas

Some types of natural stones create wonderful additional visual effects. Colorful onyx has a translucent texture, and can be combined with modern lighting fixtures for soft glowing effect. This natural stone is very decorative and can turn an accent wall into a spectacular artwork.

2. Stone tiles

Stone tiles for shower designs

Stone tiles in square, rectangular, triangular, and hexagonal shapes or free shaped tile designs are popular trends in decorating and interior design. These stone tiles are great for adding movement to decoration patterns and brightening up modern interior design with gorgeous natural stone textures.

Striped stone bathroom design

Stone tiles are perfect flooring ideas, bathroom and kitchen backsplash ideas and excellent, spectacular and stylish wall design materials.

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Stone tile designs can be used for decorating outdoor rooms, home interiors, offices. The durability and great look of stone tile designs make these eco friendly design materials are versatile and popular.

Stone tiles for bathroom decorating, mosaic tile designs in white and gray color tones

3. Mosaic tiles made of natural stones

Stone mosaic tiles are one of ancient interior design and decorating materials which are still stylish and popular. Pebbles and small stones, or sophisticated mosaic tile designs create unique floor and wall decorations, celebrating the natural materials and creativity of artistic mind.

Mosaic tiles designs for bathroom decorating with natural stone

Mosaic tile designs are a nice way to add geometric shapes to modern interiors or outdoor living spaces. Stone art works are amazing and original, as mosaic tiles can be custom made using contemporary technologies.

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4. Stone art objects for outdoor living spaces and interior decorating

In the hands of an experienced master boulders turn into spectacular sculptures, statues, bathroom or kitchen sinks and amazing home decorations.

Unique stone designs for modern interiors

Vases and sculptures, carved stone details and simple landscaping rocks give character to any space and bring natural beauty into modern homes and offices.

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5. Artfully crafted of stone kitchen and bathroom fixtures

A single piece of marble, onyx and granite can transform the entire space. Handmade stone sinks and stone bathtubs come in various, classic and unusual shapes, bringing beautiful natural stone texture and creating stunning centerpieces for modern interior design.

Stone bathroom sink and salvaged wood wall design

6. Stone furniture design

The beauty of natural marble, onyx or travertine influence creative and unique furniture design. Stone coffee tables, chairs, dining tables, shelves, console tables and nightstands perfectly combine the natural stone with wood and metal creating modern furniture design that fits into modern home interiors.

Stone top coffee tables

7. Stone lighting fixtures

Classic table lamps and contemporary pendant lights made of natural stone are spectacular, original and modern lighting fixtures. In spite of their weight, these unique lighting ideas find their fans, bringing chic and exclusiveness into home interiors and office designs.

Stone lighting fixtures, modern lighting ideas

  by Ena Russ   

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