20 Beautiful Ideas to Design Outdoor Seating Areas with Spectacular Views

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Outdoor seating areas with nice views look luxurious and beautiful, offering fabulous places to to relax and enjoy a lovely dinner. What is better to add to beautiful and comfortable home than an inviting outdoor seating area with a gorgeous view? Lushome shares wonderful ideas demonstrating how to design attractive outdoor seating areas that are enhanced with picturesque views.

First, you have to find the spot in your yard with the best view. The location of your outdoor seating area depends on what you like to watch. Birds on trees, sunsets, panoramic cityscapes and gorgeous views of the water can beautify outdoor seating areas and create very enjoyable environment.

With a deck outdoors for viewing the natural surroundings or city light at night, your outdoor seating area with a pleasant view will improve your house design and increase the home values. Open structure or a wall of windows in the direction of the spectacular display offers a fantastic outdoor seating area that is unique and amazing.

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Ideas to design outdoor seating areas with nice views

Terrace with harbor view, infinity swimming pool and outdoor seating area

Outdoor seating areas are great additions to modern house designs. Well designed, comfortable and pleasant outdoor seating areas can be enjoyed in all seasons, day and night. The outdoor rooms and open decks with outdoor furniture can accommodate guests and provide fantastic place for entertainment.

Outdoor seating areas with dramatic views are delights. Relaxing in a comfortable chair on a deck with a gorgeous view is an amazing experience. Stop wasting the terrace space and design a beautiful, comfortable and cozy outdoor seating area that connect your home interiors with a nature and expands the house design.

Penthouse terrace in Brooklyn, outdoor seating area with panoramic city view

Even small home can feel luxurious and unique with a nice terrace and a beautiful views of the surroundings. A creative solutions for outdoor seating area design attractively add the extra square feet to any home. A terrace perched just next to the house is a wonderful spot to enjoy in any season.

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Increasing living spaces with outdoor seating areas decorated with beautiful flowers

A small terrace or open deck can provide a very comfortable addition to your home. Any outdoor living spaces can be transformed into comfortable and stylish terraces and outdoor rooms where people can soak up the summer sun, enjoy fall colors and fresh spring greenery or admire the gracious beauty of winter landscape. Outdoor seating areas are perfect for quiet time in the morning and in the evening.

Outdoor room with stone fireplace and seating area

Privacy, safety and comfort are three important elements of outdoor rooms design. Great outdoor furniture, functional lighting design and a sense of privacy turn outdoor seating areas into fabulous, peaceful and inviting retreats.

Large terrace with dining furniture
Waterfront house with open deck for BBQ and dining area
Gorgeous porch with comfortable outdoor seating area

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