10 Modern Ideas for Small Bedroom Design and Decor

bedroom decorating ideas for small rooms
Small bedroom decorating with light colors and open shelves



Modern ideas for small bedroom design and decor blend unique details and space saving solutions for small spaces, creating functional, unique and beautiful small bedrooms. Smart, inexpensive and modern ideas that reuse and recycle what you at home help personalize small bedroom design and decor, and add striking and unusual accents to small rooms.

Lushome collected some wonderful modern ideas for small bedroom decorating that inspire to create elegant and cozy small bedrooms that you will enjoy and admire. Recycling items that clutter your home for bedroom decor allows to add surprising interior design ideas to small spaces. Vintage architectural elements and interior design details can become bedroom furniture adding charm and personality to small bedroom design and decor.

1. A vintage door, window frame or fireplace mantelpiece can provide structure for a fabric-covered foam headboard or create an amazing headboard for a bed. Salvaged wood pieces and vintage furniture parts can be used for modern bedroom design and decorating in eclectic or vintage style, blending casual and historic.

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Modern ideas for small bedroom design and decor

Small bedroom decorating with vertical stripes on wall, modern wallpaper in orange color

2. Creating attractive boundaries are modern ideas that improve functionality and aesthetic appeal of small bedroom design and decor. Framing your bed with custom built cubbies and forming a headboard are great bedroom design ideas for small spaces.

This mix of open and closed storage spaces allow to create beautiful displays. Light neutral colors help create a spacious look and maximize small bedroom designs, if the open shelves are kept nice and neat.

Custom shelves and bed headboard ideas for small spaces

3. Space saving ideas are important for small bedroom design and decorating. When space is tight, creative storage arranged in unusual places help maximize small spaces and add comfort to small bedroom designs. Attractive room dividers and shelves that set on a wall that divides a small bedroom from another living space look stylish and interesting while creating more room in small bedrooms that feel comfortable and airy.

Small bedroom decorating with light colors and open shelves

Floating shelves and corner shelving units are modern ideas that increase bedside square footage. These modern ideas are clever, space saving, interesting and inexpensive. A nightstand under the shelves is more beautiful and useful.

Small bedroom decorating with wall shelves

4. Multifunctional bedroom design and decor ideas are modern trends that visually increase small spaces. Simple designs, clean lines and practical solutions can be blended into modern bedroom design that is accentuated and improved by creative bed headboard ideas.

Simple, contemporary and space saving ideas for small bedroom design

5. Bright color is another tool to create gorgeous, bold and unique small bedrooms. Accent wall design with modern wallpaper in cheerful hues or colorful paint are modern ideas that help create interesting and unique small bedroom that make a statement.

Bright accents for small spaces

6. House plants, live walls and vertical garden design are modern ideas which can be used for decorating small spaces. Potted house plants and vertical garden design can serve double-duty gorgeous eco friendly decorations and create a privacy screen from neighbors.

House plants and vintage furniture for small bedroom design and decor

7. Small bedroom design and decor can be personalize with modern lighting fixtures. Interesting and comfortable bedside lighting design, combined with personalized bedroom decor accessories, like a knitted blanket, handmade pouf, vintage trunk or pillows with tassels add personal touch to small rooms and create fabulous small bedroom design.

Small bedroom design with modern lighting fixtures

8. Bright accents attract the eyes personalizing small spaces and creating beautiful displays. Bright red colors, yellow and orange color shades are warm and stylish. These bright room colors captivate and immediately catches the eye.

Bright bedroom colors and simple lines

Using bright bedroom colors for showcasing unique and interesting details, bedroom decor accessories or photographs are excellent ideas for modern bedroom design and decor in style.

White decorating ideas and bright accents for small bedroom design

9. Space saving storage are important for small rooms. Creative storage solutions, space saving bedroom furniture and multifunctional solutions improve small bedroom designs and create attractive, cozy and comfortable small spaces.

Small bedroom storage and bed headboard ideas for space saving interior design

10. Creative, interesting, surprising and playful modern wall decoration with unique designs, bright painting or beautiful wallpapers are modern ideas that brighten up small bedroom design and decorating. Bright painting or striking accent wall design with arty or playfully printed wallpaper patterns are smart techniques for small spaces.

Small bedroom design and decorating with playful wallpaper patterns

  by Ena Russ   

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