Top 10 Popular Interior Design Trends 2015

popular interior trends, modern home furnishings and wall design ideas

Modern wall decorations, interior trends 2015

Popular interior design trends 2015 include comfortable luxury and organic designs, Green home decorating ideas and romantic accents, brightness and functionality of Nordic design and always surprising and warm ethnic interior decorating ideas. Popular interior trends 2015 allow to create fascinating blends of pure classic and chic with contemporary minimalist style, weave matte pastels and vivid room colors into room design with striking contrasts of black and white decorating ideas.

Modern interior design trends 2015 mix natural elements, neutral colors and rustic textures with novel and surprising decor ideas, contemporary man-made materials that mimic solid wood, metal and natural stone textures. Colorful decoration patterns and fabric prints look great with the driftwood furniture and lighting fixtures in gray color tones.

Perforated ceramic and metallic surfaces, textured walls and stunning fabric prints, artificial and natural stone, solid wood and glass, creative designs and bright colors, including yellow, pink and purple color shades, blue and green color combinations, combined with advanced wall painting ideas and spectacular lighting fixtures are popular interior design trends in 2015 that are demonstrated by Lushome collection from Milan iSalone.

Top 6 modern interior design trends, interconnection and organic design

Popular interior design trends

Modern wall decorations, interior trends 2015

1. Green ideas, natural interior decorating materials, nature inspired designs and decorating color schemes, neutral colors and eco friendly products for home design and decorating, room furniture and home fabrics made with natural fibers, bright color accents that nature creates are great ways to enjoy modern interior design trends in 2015.

Bright red of strawberries and lush green colors, sunny yellow and golden colors of sand on a tropical beach, juicy orange color shades of exotic fruits and turquoise blue color shades of spectacular ocean waves are gorgeous color trends 2015.

Simple and functional bedroom design, bright red, pink and black and white decorating ideas

2. Simple and functional interiors design, especially for masculine style rooms or spacious apartments for loft living style, comfortable home furnishings and clutter free room decor ideas define one of contemporary and very popular interior design trends for 2015.

Modern interior design trends and stylish room colors

Modern interior design trends and decorating colors everybody loves

3. Personalization is one of forgiving modern interior design trends that allow to use favorite room colors, mix textures and create unusual decorating combinations with room furniture and home fabrics to give living spaces unique character.

Modern interior design materials and wall decoration ideas, light turquoise blue and green colors for bathroom design

4. Breaking rule is one of most wonderful, exciting and modern interior design trends 2015. Creative furniture design ideas and surprising home decorating ideas, combinations of room colors, unsuspected details and decorative accents are a fantastic way to design truly interesting and intimate home interiors.

Modern interior trends 2015, blue color for living room furniture and wall decoration

5. Scandinavian style and ethnic interior decorating are popular interior design trends that offer calming and relaxing or comfortable and exotic room decor idea, depends what you prefer. Trendy white decorating ideas that make even small and cluttered rooms look modern and bright can be used for emphasizing stylish interior design in Scandinavian style or creating a nice background for displaying exotic home furnishings and ethnic interior decorating accents.

Modern bedroom design in neutral colors

6. Black and white decorating color schemes are one of timelessly modern interior design trends that all loves. Black and white decorating allows to harmonize and balance home decorating while displaying interesting shapes and playing with captivating decoration patterns and textures, or add drama with bold and vivid decorating accents that energize black and white decorating. Perfect for classic home interiors, high-tech and retro styles, Scandinavian style and Art Deco decor, black and white decorating color schemes provide gorgeous tones that can please anyone.

Modern wall decoration ideas, interior trends 2015

7. Chic industrial style accents and surprising combinations of textures, antique brick, concrete, plastic and metal, bring one of best modern interior design trends 2015 what allow to create impressive living spaces on large and small budgets.

Stylish lighting design for dining room decorating

8. Recycling ideas and creative designs that repurpose useless items are popular interior trends in decorating which allow to save money and helps protect the environment.

Perforated lamp shades

9. Modern furniture and decor accessories made with transparent plastic or glass and their combination with solid wood and metal items are super modern interior design trends for 2015.

Black and white room design with creative wall decoration

10. Modern interior design trends 2015 bring many exiting wall decorating ideas. Unusual wall shelves in cubic shapes rotated 90 degrees on walls, meaningful letters and words, striking painting ideas and surprising wall decorations, like bicycles, shiny wall panels, imitating stone, wood or concrete wall tile designs and amazingly textured wallpaper patterns are fabulous home decorating ideas that reflect popular interior trends 2015.

Interior trends in wall decoration

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Modern bedroom design trends

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  last updated: 31.08.2014