Top 6 Modern Christmas Decor Trends

white and red christmas balls with snowflakes
White and red Christmas decorations with snowflakes for traditional Christmas home decoration



Christmas decorating ideas are about creating beautiful, unique and intimate winter holiday decor. Latest trends in decorating for Christmas call for original and personalized Christmas tree decorations, and exciting designs with Christmas lights that enrich traditional Christmas decorating ideas with surprising and unexpected details.

Latest trends in decorating for Christmas show how to design contemporary, simply elegant winter holiday decor with the traditional warm feel and luxuriously festive look. Unusual Christmas decorating ideas, surprising and original designs, stylish Christmas colors and comfortable atmosphere make people feel like success is here, bringing positive changes and happiness into their life.

Visual effects and aesthetic are significant elements of the festive look, while simplicity and elegance of Christmas decorating remove the stress and allow more free time during the winter holiday season. Christmas tree, reindeer, snowflake, etc. are familiar images, associated with traditional winter holiday decor. Christmas decorating ideas are about intuitive symbols and signs, handmade ornaments, traditions, and eco-friendly products for home decorating.

11 modern Christmas decor trends

11 Christmas decorating ideas and color trends

Christmas decorating trends

Simple and inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas, elegant ornaments in vintage style and handmade Christmas decorations made from light natural materials, recycled crafts and nature-inspired designs in deep gray, purple, green, blue and red colors, combined with off-white tones and golden colors or diver accents, are modern Christmas decor trends.

Stylish and elegant Christmas decorating ideas and light color palette, simple fireplace decoration and tree branches with Christmas decorations

1. Simple Christmas decorating ideas

Making Christmas home decorating look exciting and unique, using simple, familiar, inexpensive and meaningful winter holiday decorations, is one of modern Christmas decorating trends.

Handmade Christmas decorations for inexpensive, simply elegant winter holiday decor

Cheap Christmas tree decorations, made of eco-friendly felt and wool felt, recycled paper and fabrics soften bright Christmas decorating ideas and bring warmth into holiday homes.

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2. Nature-inspired Christmas tree decorations

Sea shells and starfish, mermaids and dolphins, pearls garland and handmade Christmas decorations made of small beach pebbles, original driftwood ornaments and fish decorations in all styles, sizes, shapes and colors are modern Christmas decorating trends.

Handmade Christmas decorations made of branches and burlap fabric
Glass Christmas tree balls with pine cones, leaves, small branches, moss or butterflies decorations

Small branches and berries, acorns and pine cones, leaves and marine plants, mysterious algae in strange shapes and exotic flowers, especially orchids are great for creating beautiful, surprising and artistic Christmas table centerpieces.

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Inexpensive green holiday decor, handmade Christmas decorations and table centerpieces

3. Elegant winter holiday compositions with green branches and live Christmas trees

Christmas tree is a symbol of comfort and traditions that people want to keep forever. However, modern Christmas decorating trends call for eco friendly holiday decor ideas, artistic installations and elegant winter holiday compositions with a live Christmas tree, artificial or green branches, green table centerpieces and miniature Christmas trees instead of traditional lush Christmas tree decorating with lots of ornaments and garlands.

Miniature artificial Christmas tree and burlap decoration
Small live Christmas tree in a container for eco friendly winter holiday decoration

Using just few Christmas tree decorations and filling up the empty space between them with ribbons adds elegance and eco feel to winter holiday decorating ideas. Simple Christmas tree decorations made of natural materials and recycled crafts can be used instead of plastic balls, stars, garlands and angels. Recycling old Christmas tree decorations by adding a creative personal touch is another way to design unique eco-friendly Christmas decor.

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4. Traditional Christmas colors for winter holiday decorating in vintage style

Christmas decorating with traditional deep green colors and red berry color shades look spectacular, bright and festive. Green color shades, spiced up with red colors, create a familiar color combination that feels nostalgic and romantic, perfect for beautiful Christmas decorating in vintage style.

Golden yellow decorations and ideas, Christmas decor trends

8 charming room decorating ideas, winter holiday decor in silver color

White and red Christmas decorations with snowflakes for traditional Christmas home decoration
Glass Christmas tree decorations in traditional red and green colors are great for Christmas decorating in vintage style

5. Modern color trends in decorating for Christmas

All gray color hues and silver tones, soft black and deep blue colors are stylish choices for Christmas home decorating. Rich anthracite gray color, ocher, bronze, purple, deep green, blue and off white tones are modern Christmas colors that create gorgeous color combinations with and without traditional red accents.

Christmas tree decorations in white, black and silver gray color, snowflakes and balls
Christmas decorations, balls and butterflies in purple, blue and green colors

Select two favorite Christmas colors, and add golden colors or silver gray color tones, and create a fabulous Christmas tree decoration and table centerpieces for stylish winter holidays.

Chic Christmas decorating ideas, black and golden colors

Top 10 golden blue Christmas decorating ideas, modern Christmas decor

6. Handmade Christmas tree decorations

Handmade Christmas tree decorations are one of the most popular trends in decorating for winter holidays. Cute and weightless ornaments made of recycled paper or cardboard offer a great alternative for modern Christmas decorating in vintage style. Ornaments with handmade embroidery, crochet or knit decorations and recycled paper crafts look light, playful and youthful, while creating the warm atmosphere of charming Christmas decorating in vintage style.

Paper craft ideas for Christmas tree decorating
Recycling paper and old CD disks for handmade Christmas decorations

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