Remarkable Modern Interior Design Twines Around Wood Architectural Features

wooden walls with corner window from kitchen to living room

Modern interior design ideas, combined with impressive architectural features, enriched home redesign. The natural beauty of wood creates peaceful and elegant home interiors in classy style. A house design celebrates this charming and precious natural material.

Wood architectural features, wooden floors and walls, wood cabinets, posts and ceiling designs make a house feel warm and pleasant. Wood is inspiring and inviting. Modern interior design ideas, embraced around wood architectural features create soft atmosphere.

Modern interior design ideas can be very simple, but the presence of gorgeous wood creates beautiful home interiors. Wood architectural features are remarkable home decorations, that add solid structures and majestic brown color shades to modern interior design and decor.

Modern interior design ideas celebrating natural wood

Two wooden walls with a corner window connect living room design with kitchen interior

Wood architectural features are a way to add the natural touch to interior design. This attractively decorated with wood home is located in the Old Town of La Coruña, Spain and reflect the traditions and historic legacy of the town. Interior design and decorating ideas are created by Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos,

Modern home interiors look rich and impressive. Simple, functional and modern interior design ideas adore wood, creating spacious rooms and breezy environment. The kitchen features the big block of wood and glass. You can see through a transparent glass window, that connect living room and kitchen interior design.

Wood and glass block connecting kitchen interior with living room design

The kitchen was moved and linked to the lounge where there was an inner room earlier, which allowed to create another bedroom. By combining creative redesign solutions with modern interior design and classic accents, wood texture and elegant decor, designers created gorgeous home interiors that showcase the quality and elegance.

Carved wood wall paneling for contemporary home decorating

Brick and wood interior design materials in modern houses

Wooden walls and solid wood furniture, chic interior design ideas

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 15.10.2016