Modern Interior Design with Symbolic Geometric Shapes and Forms

geometric decoration patterns and forms in modern interior design and decorating

Geometric shapes and forms, decoration patterns and prints are one of modern interior design trends. Geometry helps create bright and modern interiors, balance and harmonize rooms and add an interesting, fresh touch to home decorating. Geometric shapes and forms are great tools of interior design.

Lushome shares a few modern ideas for bringing the geometry theme into decor with geometric shapes and forms. A collection of design ideas demonstrates how to use geometric decoration patterns and prints for giving character to modern interior design and creating striking accents.

All architectural designs and interior decorating ideas are based on simple geometry. All architectural designs and home furnishings reflect simple human activities, creating comfortable homes and using geometric shapes and forms to balance living spaces, to add interest, grace and harmony to modern interior design and decorating.

Geometric shapes and forms in modern interior design

Geometric shapes and forms in modern interior design, golden lighting fixtures

Geometric decoration patterns, prints, shapes and forms add harmony to proportions and relationships between human beings and their built environment, beautiful interior design and decorating.

The ancient Greeks believed in sacred geometry which was extended to the built environment, interior design and decorating. The ancient Chinese also believed in harmonious relationships between human beings and our built environment and practiced  Feng Shui.

Striking geometry in contemporary interior design

All home furnishings should be placed in a useful, pleasing and harmonious way to create  beautiful and comfortable interior design in accordance of geometry laws. Geometric shapes and forms, geometric decoration patterns and prints are trends in decorating that show our fascination with geometry which harmonies life.


Geometric decorations patterns and prints create bold accents that remind of body, soul and mind harmony and allow to bring more meaning into modern interior design. Architectural designs, house exterior, interior design and decorating ideas reflect this fascination with simple geometry and become an expression of the human body and soul.

Kandinsky geometry, wall art for modern home decorating

Modern interior design and decorating with geometric shapes and forms enhance human spirit, bring symbolic meaning and energize people, balancing living spaces and harmonizing human life.

Geometric decoration patterns, black and white decorating ideas, living room design
Geometric forms and shapes in modern interior design, unusual room design
Geometric images for modern wall decorating
Geometric decoration patterns, modern living room design
Geometric wall shelves
Geometric bathtub design

  by Ena Russ   

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