Latest Trends Enhancing Elegant Interior Design with Crystals

living room design with wooden wall tiles
Wood wall tiles, crystal chandelier, contemporary living room design

Swarovski crystals are one of the most striking and exclusive trends in interior design and decorating. The inspiring gems lead the way of adding elegant luxury to home products and stylish decorations. Items adorned with tiny Swarovski crystals are a hit this winter season. Perfect for emphasizing high status and sophistication the crystal ornaments are ideal for Christmas decorating. Crystal chandeliers, table lamps, wall panels, floor carpets, upholstered furniture, beautiful wallpaper designs are just a few modern ideas for the chic interior design that you can enjoy the entire year.

Crystals are perfect gifts. There are many reasons to give yourself a present and brighten up your home decorating with stylish home furnishings which feature crystal details. Your birthday, buying a new house or Christmas are the best times to think of a modern furniture piece, chandelier, new wallpaper or exclusive decorating material with charming twinkles to transform your room. Crystals give a festive, elegant, chic touch to room decorating, beautify everything, and enhance your modern interior design.

Ways to add chic to modern interior design with luxurious velvet fabrics

Beautiful crystal chandeliers

Beaded room dividers

Luxury interior decorating with crystals

Velvet sofa upholstery with crystals

Modern tile designs, designer wallpapers, decorative wall panels or upholstered furniture with glass look gorgeous in home interiors creating a palace-like atmosphere. If you feel that decorated with crystals furniture pieces are extreme, consider crystal curtains and modern lamps with the sparkling accents. Crystals are one of the beautiful latest trends in decorating homes and hotels. Choosing home furnishings with dazzling details for your rooms will make your home interiors look elegant and expensive.

Modern lighting designs with crystals

Sculptured floor carpets with Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals are excellent for winter holidays, like Christmas, and perfect for summer decorating. Crystals blend an elegant shine and a neutral color. They brighten up home furnishings and add a luxurious look to interior decorating. The only thing they ask for is plenty of light.

Elegant bar furniture with crystals

Home furnishings with brilliant accents

Velvet sofas with Swarovski crystals, decorative wall panels, bed headboard designs, wall tiles, and carpets are so beautiful and elegant that anyone seeing the home furnishings with twinkling details will only do so with a big smile. Some of the most popular interior decorating ideas are chandeliers and table lamps with Swarovski crystals. Floor carpets, velvet upholstery, and mirror frames look very beautiful also.

Fur carpet with Swarovski crystals

Crystal patterns and geometric shapes

Crystal theme is stylish. Gems inspire gorgeous decoration patterns that are a part of geometric trends. Drawings, photographs, fabric prints with crystals are modern trends in decorating also. New wallpaper, floor rug or artwork with crystal images add stylish accents to interior design.

Modern wallpaper design with crystals
Black and white wallpaper with geometric designs
Geometric furniture in crystal shapes

Crystal decorations

Choosing minerals as presents for Christmas or any other special events is a fabulous idea. Crystals make fascinating home decorations. They are versatile, suitable for any room decorating style. They work well with all interior design materials. These beautiful home decorations are gender neutral, elegant, original, offering great accents for any space. They make fantastic presents and work as stylish decorative accessories bringing luxury and originality into the modern interior design.

Evergreen branches and minerals, original Christmas gift ideas and window decorations
Mineral crystals for interior decorating

Fireplace decorating with Swarovski crystals

Crystal ceiling light, fireplace decorating with Swarovski crystals

Wall design with dazzling accents

Geometric trend in wall design, hexagonal wall tiles with Swarovski crystals

Rain curtains

Crystal curtains and table decoration
Room dividers, rain curtains

Modern lighting fixtures

Crystal lights, round shapes, geometric trends in decorating
Wood wall tiles, crystal chandelier, contemporary living room design

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