Large Modern House Design with Water Features Inspired by Water Canals in Venice and Suzhou

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This modern house design shows attractive H-shaped architecture and luxurious home interiors, which are inspired by the beauty of water canals in Suzhou, China and in Venice, Italy. The Washington Park Hilltop Residence is designed by Stuart Silk Architects,

This spacious modern house design is jazzed up with original water features and contemporary fireplace,  gorgeous yard landscaping and stylish interior decorating, large windows and a spectacular view of Lake Washington.

The modern house makes the most of its unique picturesque location. Views of the vast lake, Mt. Rainier and North Cascades dictated the orientation and transparency of the elevation facing the water, the architects say. A plan then evolved to integrate water features into the home, to be experienced from inside and out.

Modern house design with water features

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Beautiful yard landscaping ideas, modern house design with large windows allowing to enjoy spectacular views

Modern interior design in contemporary style

Gorgeous contemporary fireplace design

The beauty of water is the main theme that enhance the modern house design. The residence features gorgeous details and invites to discover them. The H-shaped modern house with an entry room, living and dining areas in a central building looks functional and comfortable. Wing buildings contain bedrooms and bathrooms, creating peaceful retreats for all family members.

The passages to the wings are compressed between gently moving water courses inspired by the canals of Suzhou and Venice. These water features serve not only as ever-present reminders of the beauty of water, but also the nature of passage through life as one navigates across the home interiors and exterior spaces.

Modern interior design and decorating ideas in contemporary style

The alignment of the canals also defines interior design and focuses the building’s orientation toward the spectacular views. Meaningful modern house design looks creative and inspiring. Comfortable and stylish interior design and decorating ideas, spiced up with original water features and unique details feel luxurious and impressive.

Modern house exterior design and yard landscaping ideas

  by Ena Russ   

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