25 Plus 25 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas, Black Kitchen Cabinets

modern kitchen interiors with black furniture

Black kitchen cabinets and dining furniture, contemporary lighting fixtures


Black kitchen cabinets look dramatic. Contemporary kitchen design ideas and black color create modern and spectacular interiors. Black kitchen cabinets are one of modern kitchen trends and includes dining furniture, island designs, countertops and small decorations. Lushome shares 25 contemporary kitchens with black cabinets and 25 more kitchens in contemporary style.

Black is powerful and timelessly elegant. Kitchen cabinets in black create a fantastic effect bringing drama into modern kitchens. Painted wood or plastic in black color create amazing interiors with stylish contemporary vibe.

It is possible to find black kitchen cabinets that are made with high quality materials and create beautiful and modern kitchens. When choosing your kitchen cabinets, you need to decide what kind finish you prefer. Matte, semi-glossy and glossy surfaces bring different mood into kitchen interiors.

Contemporary kitchen design with black cabinets

Modern kitchen with black cabinets and island design

Contemporary kitchen design with black cabinets leave very distinct impressions, especially if you are getting cabinets in minimalist style. A matte finish is significantly more subdued than glossy surfaces, but that lack of shine can make contemporary kitchen cabinets work better with striking lighting fixtures and large windows.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets in black color with glossy finish stand out against the rest of kitchen decor, stainless steel appliances and dining furniture, adding impressive contrasts to modern kitchen interiors.

Modern interior design, contemporary kitchen cabinets in black color

Black kitchen cabinets create an elegant and expensive background for contemporary kitchen design. Matching lighting fixtures, dining furniture, wallpaper, wall tiles and kitchen accessories in black and white create kitchen interiors that surprise and amaze guests and family members.

Contemporary kitchen interior with island

Black kitchen cabinets in contemporary style looks exclusive and sophisticated. They are versatile and stylish. Contemporary kitchen design ideas, combined with black color, are popular choices among all who appreciate unusual, intimate and exclusive kitchen interiors.

Black kitchen cabinets and dining furniture, contemporary lighting fixtures
Black kitchen design with white accents and striking lighting

25 contemporary kitchen design ideas and modern layouts

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