15 Small Backyard Designs Efficiently Using Small Spaces

small backyard landscaping ideas, outdoor living spaces
Beautiful garden design idea for small spaces


Small backyard designs can look stylish and beautiful. Small spaces that are functional and comfortable increase home values and help sell homes faster for better money. Small yard landscaping projects add joy to your lifestyle, help home staging and make your property more desirable when it is time to sell your home.

Small backyard designs require good planning in advance, smart yard landscaping and space saving layouts to look beautiful and feel comfortable. Small yard landscaping ideas that are meticulous create fabulous, attractive, inviting and beautiful backyard designs in small spaces.

Small yard landscaping ideas need to maximize the impact of your backyard design project despite its tiny size and provide your family nice outdoor living spaces for various pleasant activities, rest and entertaining with guests and friends. Lushome shares a collection of beautiful small backyard designs envisioned by Californian landscape designers.

2 small backyard designs creating stylish outdoor living spaces

Small backyard designs and landscaping ideas

Small backyard landscaping and patio ideas

Backyard landscaping changes your yard appearance and create functional and very personal outdoor living space. Even small changes and a few colorful accents bring immediate upgrade to yard landscaping, beautify backyard designs and increase home values in the market.

Simple changes can be created by adding attractive decorative plants and flowers, arranging the structures that bring more comfort into backyard landscaping and create charming outdoor living spaces, like a metal or wooden gazebo, stylish sun shade with outdoor curtains or pergola, decorated with climbing flowering plants.

Small backyard landscaping ideas and bright colorful outdoor decor

Vivid color accents add drama to small backyard designs and create contrasts that brighten up yard landscaping ideas. Large projects that involve excavation change backyard designs completely, adding great features to outdoor living spaces and creating wonderful centerpieces for backyard landscaping.

2 modern patio ideas turning small backyard designs into beautiful oases

Small backyard landscaping ideas and backyard layouts need to be space saving to fit small spaces perfectly. A good understanding of small spaces and your lifestyle define attractive and functional backyard landscaping.

Small yard landscaping ideas, simple metal and rustic wood furniture for outdoor seating area

Good planning and simple yard landscaping ideas create more spacious and comfortable backyard designs that maximize small spaces while offering pleasant places for your outdoor activities.

2 small backyard landscaping ideas creating beautiful outdoor living spaces with swimming pools

Being mindful, wise and creative, using color contrasts, various textures and bright accents, blending decorative plants with flowers and creating functional zones transform small spaces into beautiful retreats that invite to enjoy warm and sunny day.

Yard landscaping ideas maximizing small spaces
Playful backyard design
Beautiful garden design idea for small spaces

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