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Lushome brings you creative ideas and latest trends in home decorating and interior colors. The blog presents contemporary Green ideas and new designs in home furnishings, keeps its readers informed and entertained. Lushome shares photo collections, tips, and modern interior design inspirations. Lushome re-Design Kaleidoscope is maintained from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Attractive, functional and cozy rooms create happy homes. Lushome helps people make their homes beautiful, organized and comfortable. The blog provides great ideas to connect the living spaces with nature by offering inspiring, unique, traditional and new designs. Lushome shares lots of DIY inspirations, cheap ideas, and simple home staging tips to add comfort and modern look to any home while saving money and recycling.

Lushome emphasizes novel techniques, latest trends in decorating, modern interior colors, room design and yard landscaping, stimulating its readers to improve their living spaces, to explore fresh and unusual ideas. Blending cheap ideas and simplicity of inexpensive home staging techniques with modern interior design, Lushome is a fantastic source of inspirations.

Author and editor:

Ena Russ

After getting a BSc in Naval Architecture and Design, Ena designed beautiful ships. Later Ena made a career change to entirely devote her time to modern interior design. A combination of large companies experience and extensive travel allows Ena to have a unique vision of trends and new designs. Ena interprets the concepts blending various cultural and regional flavors into practical ideas for decorating modern homes.

When working on a re-design project, Ena likes to employ a thorough academic approach, collects lots of information from as many sources as possible, analyzes it, and extracts the most attractive and practical ideas. After the project completion, Ena shares this wealth of information and analysis with her readers in her blog posts.

Her predictions on color trends have been featured in several printed magazines and newspapers. She likes to write about recycling ideas. Her articles about backyard decoration and handmade crafts are very popular. Ena is considered a Feng Shui expert and is quoted even by South China Morning Post. Ena Russ articles and curated collections of creative design and decor ideas have substantial social media following.

Printed media mentions:

Seattle Times, March 31, 2016

Article: Designers say goodbye to beige, hello to bright and bold colors


“Modern interior decorating color trends mix classy black, white and gray … tones with romantic pink and mysterious light purple colors,” reports the interior-design company Lushome in its assessment of 2016 color trends. One combination it identified was “spring-inspired yellow and green colors with neutral beige and white.”

More dramatic colors are also making inroads, according to Lushome’s assessment: “Deep orange colors … look gorgeous with contrasting black. Peaceful blue and green color combinations, red wine colors, bronze and comfortable brown colors can be mixed into modern interiors.”

 South China Morning Post, February 5, 2016

Article: Feng shui experts share home decorating tips for the Year of the Monkey


In its “lucky” interior design tips for the coming lunar year, Lushome.com says eco-style is a hot trend. Think natural wood and indoor plants, earthy colours, and textiles and decorative fabrics made with natural fibres. “The monkey symbolizes curiosity and creative energy,” the site states. “It means you can experiment and implement fantastic ideas for your functional, comfortable and modern interior design and decorating projects.”

It also advises: “Avoid the numbers 2, 5 and 9 in house design and home decorating, and use wood, soft fabrics, fur and metal textures to accentuate your office and home interiors. Instead of dark grey and black, use peaceful and noble shades like blue and gold, comfortable brown colours and greens for room decorating in 2016.”

Home Improvement Retailing, October 2014

Article: 2015 trends in paint and interior design. Styles, colors more personal and natural.


“Modern interior design ideas are elegant and sophisticated, while showing more individuality, creativity and innovation”, says Ena Russ, decorating consultant at Lushome.com. She agrees with rundgren and says salvaged wood, stone, and metal are popular interior design materials, especially rustic wood, natural light wood, and exotic types of wood. She also says second hand, reuse and recycle ideas are huge sources of inspiration that can be mixed with contemporary furniture to add and individualistic and unique look to modern interior design and decorating.”


I’m looking at design ideas, and find myself back at your site again and again, because you’ve done it right:

– continuous articles, no ‘paging’ through
– bright designs and innovative ideas
– great articles
– not the same old cookie cutter stuff

Good job! Visiting your site is a joy; there are so many bad ones out there. Thanks.

Jeanne Gonzalez, August 13, 2016
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while searching for some much-needed interior decor inspiration, I came across your website and I instantaneously fell in love with it! I love how fresh and intuitive your content is, so congratulations on all the amazing work you’ve been doing so far! I particularly loved this piece on recycling wood doors and turning them into stunning vintage decors ( http://www.lushome.com/unique-vintage-furniture-recycling-wood-doors-30-modern-ideas/139529 )

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes, Elisa Storey, May 20, 2016

Good evening,

Cariloha recently published a blog post showing the most popular, environmentally-friendly pins on Pinterest. Through a lot of research, a list was compiled and you have something on the list! If you want to check out your feature, share the article, or just have something to show your mom, here’s the link: http://blog.cariloha.com/top-54-environmentally-friendly-articles-on-pinterest/
Great work!
Thanks, Jen Duke, February 10, 2016