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Washing Clothes while Execising with Hula Washer, Energy Saving Green Idea

Hula Washer is an energy saving hula hoop for washing clothes while exercising. The Hula Washer promises to keep you fit, while saving your money on electrical bills, as long as you wash your clothes in Hula Washer, one of exciting eco friendly products that bring attractive green design ideas into modern homes.

Energy saving green design make sure your waistline under control. The energy a person uses to spin the Hula Washer is directed to cleaning the clothes, which are loaded into the washer part, encouraging you to move your body and spend calories.

The washer features a hollow central container inside the hula hoop ring for clothes and liquid detergent. Spinning washes clothes, using your muscles energy.

Eco friendly products for washing clothes, Hula Washer

Unfortunately this green idea may work only for small amount of clothes and small items like socks, shorts and t-shirts, the items that get sweaty during exercise.

Anyway Hula Washer is a fun design idea, perfect for fitness enthusiast who appreciate and support energy saving designs and green living concepts.

Washing clothes while exercising with Hula Hoop

Hula Washer, created by Sang Soon Lee, is a 2012 Electrolux Design Lab entry.

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Hollow ring for washing clothes while exercising
Design concept development

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 26.08.2012