6 Functional Home Staging Tips and 22 Living Room Furniture Placement Ideas

Lushome shares 6 basic principles for living room furniture placement and home staging tips from interior design experts for creating comfortable, functional and modern living room designs. The collection of room design ideas gives inspirations and help add stylish look and inviting feel to modern living rooms.

Living room furniture placement is an important element of creating beautiful living spaces. It is especially important for decorating small apartments, homes and all small spaces. Creating fresh and attractive furniture placement design helps improve the way modern living room look and feel.

Living room furniture placement need to correct rectangular shapes of living spaces and created balanced square-shaped seating area for the best result. Shelving units and bookcases help change living room proportions and bring balance with living room placement into interior design.

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Living room furniture placement ideas

Living room furniture placement and home staging design

1. Wall shelving unit or bookcase to balance living room proportions.

2. Raised floor to bring rectangular living room design to square-shaped area.

3. Comfortable, functional and safe distance between living room furniture pieces is 1 – 3 ft (up to 1 m)

4. Space saving corner furniture is a great alternative for small living room designs.

Living room design with stone fireplace and comfortable furniture placement

5. A fireplace of TV set can define the focal point of living room design. 3-5 diagonals of the TV panel is the perfect distance between living room furniture and the TV. 3-5 feet is a nice distance between living room furniture and the fireplace.

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6. Living room furniture placement needs to unite items and create a beautiful composition. Symmetrical living room furniture placement ideas are attractive and classy.

Corner furniture for living room design
Living room furniture placement idea
Symmetrical living room furniture placement
Classic living room furniture placement
Contemporary living room furniture placement
Traditional living room furniture placement
Compact living room furniture placement for small spaces

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  last updated: 25.10.2016