Transformer Design Ideas, Space Saving Furniture for Small Rooms

transformer furniture small spaces orange couch cushions

Transformer design ideas inspire interesting furniture designs for small rooms, offering creative space saving solutions and unusual decor. Functionality and simplicity, advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism are basic design principles of creating modern furniture for small spaces.

Modular parts transform furniture and room design, efficiently utilizing available space, adding eye-catching items to room decor and creating comfortable living spaces. Compact solid blocks offer flexible furniture design ideas that are space saving, stylish and functional.

Conceptual furniture design ideas are a way to develop comfortable and attractive solutions for those who like multi-functional space-saving modern furniture and appreciate the elegant simplicity of contemporary interior design.

Space saving ideas, functional furniture for small spaces

Home office contemporary design, big concepts for small spaces

Creative space saving ideas

wooden floor design ideas and trasnformer furniture for small spaces
Creative wooden floor design ideas, modern furniture for small spaces

The wooden floor-transformer can be converted into modern furniture pieces, like small coffee table or chairs. When necessary, different furniture pieces can be quickly assembled for guests.

Transformer design ideas allow to create basic modern furniture pieces, including a bed, a night stand, a coffee table with small stools or computer workstation.

transformer furniture for small spaces, modern sofas and beds
Modern furniture design ideas, transformer-sofa

French designer Matali Crassus has developed an impressive modern furniture concept, a sofa with cushions that can move separately, creating various furniture designs, a bed or a set of two chairs. It is possible to create different configurations that are needed at the moment.

Floor carpets design ideas

Home furniture designs for comfortable life, as we understand it

Modern furniture for small rooms

pool table and sofa, trasnformer furniture design
Modern furniture for small spaces, pool table-sofa-transformer
modern furniture for small rooms
Sofa-pool table, space saving ideas

Transformer design ideas are often applied to sofas that can be converted into beds. There is a sofa that can be transformed into a pool table. In 30 seconds a living room or a bedroom can turn into a game room. Transformer ideas, used in large furniture design, offer attractive space saving solutions for small spaces.

Transformer design ideas, modern furniture for small spaces

Modern furniture design, Free Flow sectional sofa

This couch-transformer can be turned into bunk beds. Functional furniture for small spaces is a great choice for kids rooms or guest rooms.

sofa and nunk beds, trasformer furniture design
Contemporary furniture for small spaces, sofa-transformer
modern furniture for small rooms, bunk beds
Modern furniture for small spaces, bunk beds, sofa-transformer

Drawers and shelves, that take little space, are great furniture design ideas. Modern furniture for small spaces, that offers convenient storage, is welcomed in every home.

Modern wardrobe and walk-in closet design trends

Kids bedroom, space saving ideas

The designer Martin Semmer created a chest with drawers, which can be transformed. When closed, the chest can be used as a table.

space saving furniture design, storage furniture
Space saving ideas, storage furniture for small spaces
transformer furniture design idea for small rooms
White painted wooden chest with transforming drawers

Modern furniture for small kitchen

A new model of stylish kitchen from the Japanese manufacturer Toyo Kitchen is impressive. Traditionally Japanese furniture design ideas are compact and functional. This kitchen offer various configurations, offering different forms for small spaces.

Mini home bar design ideas, space saving home bar designs

Changing color, modern furniture design trends

The kitchen design includes an electric stove, a sink, drawers and a kitchen island work surface, that can be transformed into a home bar. The design is beautifully illuminated with built-in LED-lights.  Two independent modules of Yin and Yang kitchen can be connected, offering effective space saving ideas in elegant style.

space saving contemporary kitchen design
Contemporary kitchen furniture for small spaces, Yin Yang kitchen
compact kitchen design with led lighting
Contemporary kitchen design, kitchen island with LED lights
trasnformer kitchen island design
Modern furniture design ideas, small kitchen

Kitchen furniture design ideas

Kitchen design ideas from artistic engineer
10 modern kitchen furniture design trends
Modern kitchen furniture design

Fun furniture design for kids

This small green chair-tent is a unique fun piece of furniture for small spaces. Playful, soft and easy to transform, modern furniture item is designed to add interest to kids rooms, stimulate imagination and make active children happy.

space saving kids chair and folding bed
Modern kids furniture for small spaces, space saving ideas
transformer furniture for kids rooms
Tent-chair and bed, transformer furniture for kids rooms

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  last updated: 09.09.2015