Top 10 Trends in Backyard Landscaping, Garden Design and Outdoor Home Decorating 2013

wooden bench around tree

Latest trends will help you to select the best decorating ideas for your home. Backyard landscaping today become more artistic and comfortable. Modern trends in backyard landscaping and garden design blend the art and nature, reflecting new trends in architecture and design, bringing new technologies and creating beautiful outdoor living spaces.

1. One of the most popular backyard landscaping and garden design trends is returning of native plants and wild flowers. Wild flowers that we admire in the meadows and plants from local forests make backyards and garden designs look organic and natural. Native plants and flowers in all colors are beautiful, attractively connecting our outdoor rooms with the natural surroundings.

2. Vegetable gardens and fruit orchards are another very popular trend in backyard landscaping. People want to see how fruits and vegetables grow. Knowledge of the origin of the food and products, the freshness of fruits and vegetables and organic growing methods are very important considerations.

Cereal plants and native plants make backyard landscaping and garden designs look natural

3. Modern outdoor home decorating ideas, backyard landscaping and garden designs offer comfortable outdoor living spaces with summer kitchens, BBQs, dining furniture, sun shades, hammocks, lounge chairs and day beds, stylish lighting fixtures and attractive garden decorations. People are returning to the traditions and family values, enjoying vacations, weekends and holidays with close friends and family members at home. Functional summer kitchen designs or barbecue areas, comfortable dining furniture and luxurious seating zones with heaters and umbrellas create pleasant outdoor rooms for contemporary lifestyle.

4. Reducing the size of the lawn saves time. The maintenance of a beautiful grass carpet requires too much time and energy. Gravel pads, shrubs, wild flower meadows and flower beds with perennials or cereal plants are modern trends in backyard landscaping and garden design.

Contemporary outdoor rooms with wooden dining furniture and lounge chairs

5. House exterior design reflects modern green architectural ideas. Plants decorate apartment buildings, private houses and garden structures, balconies and roofs. Up side down and vertical gardening are wonderful inventions that create beautiful green ceiling or green wall designs. Growing plants on balconies, in gazebos, on lattices, decks, fences and walls and even on the roofs of large buildings and suburban homes is an increasingly popular trend, especially among those who have a small apartment or a tiny backyard and garden.

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Latest designs in outdoor furniture and lighting fixtures, stylish outdoor home decorating ideas

6. Rethinking the purpose of flowering plants in the garden increases the gardening period and offer exciting backyard landscaping ideas for fall, winder and early spring. A short blooming period is beautiful, but the expressiveness of evergreen shrubs sizes, shapes and textures can be enjoyed all year around.

7. Backyard landscaping and garden designs become friendlier for small animals, birds and beneficial insects. Stylish garden decorations are eco friendly and functional.

Up side down growing plants in vertical garden

8. Returning to natural materials, especially natural stone and wood, recycling for creating garden decorations and simple things made of natural materials are very popular trends in backyard landscaping and garden designs. Natural look and organic designs, creative ideas and recycling solutions push plastic and luxury away from backyards and gardens, creating soft and relaxing outdoor living spaces.

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9. Reducing the amount of waste allows peopleĀ  to use compost and a simple process of recycling organic waste for growing decorative plants, flowers, vegetables and fruits. Gardeners use biomass to enrich the soil.

Nature inspired outdoor home decorating ideas

10. A combination of geometric shapes of flower beds, native plants and cereal plants with sculptures made of steel and glass, bamboo and wood furniture create exciting backyard landscaping and garden designs in contemporary style. Another modern backyard landscaping and garden design trend is creating an old garden with mature plants and a light touch of exclusive abandon garden.

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 02.09.2012