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Unique Glass Ceiling Designs and Salvaged Wood Creating Modern Rooms in Eclectic Style

room design with stained glass ceiling

Unique glass ceiling designs add gorgeous accents in vintage style to modern interiors of 21c Museum Hotel. New York designers created spectacular modern rooms, enhanced with cozy country home decorating ideas, natural materials and vivid color combinations. Unique stained glass ceiling designs in 21c Museum Hotel is a fresh, stylish and inspiring idea. New York based designers Jonah Freeman and…

Unconventional Room Heaters Inspired by Spiral Heating Elements

unusual room heater

This interesting room heater is a creative project by Art Lebedev design studio, one of the largest design firms located in Russia. The unusual, but familiar shape, innovative approach and unconventional design idea turns this room heater into a unique home decoration. Functional and practical, the room heater Boilerus looks unusual, blending a conventional electric product design with a traditional…

Glass Top Tables Magnifying Beautiful Dining Room Design

glass top tabled for dining room design and decorating ideas

Glass top tables look great in all dining rooms. Glass top dining tables feature versatile design that bring more reflected light into homes and allow creatively decorate dining rooms, blending transparency and elegance of glass materials. Glass top tables can be easily decorated while creating welcoming and impressive centerpieces and personalizing your dining room design. Glass is very easy to…

Bright Room Colors and Modern Ideas for Decorating Small Apartments and Homes

bright interior decorating ideas for small rooms

Bright room colors, including wall paint colors and home furnishings color shades, are great for decorating small apartments and homes. Bright colors are modern trends in decorating which allows to experiment and create truly personal, interesting and modern home interiors while visually stretching small spaces. Bright room colors can help small rooms appear larger, when you brake traditional rules of…

Modern Interior Windows to Magnify Beautiful Room Design

window designs and modern architectural interiors

Home owners face a challenging task when choosing interior windows for their beautiful homes. There are simple guidelines you need to follow so that you make a choice that you will be proud to live with. Many homeowners can live in a smaller home if the rooms provide gorgeous views. Windows are important architectural elements that can magnify your home…

30 Modern Ideas for Dining Room Design in Classic Style

classic and traditional dining room decorating ideas, wooden furniture and beautiful chandeliers

Small details and decorative accents are very important parts of dining room design in classic style. Interior design in classic style is elegant and luxurious. Inspired by decorating ideas that come from ancient Rome and Greece, dining room design in classic style proudly shows off antiques and fine artworks, chic upholstery fabrics, wooden furniture and large chandeliers. Dining room design…

35 Modern Interior Design Ideas Incorporating Columns into Spacious Room Design

modern home interiors with functional and decorative columns and pillars

Columns are architectural elements that can be functional or just decorative. Incorporating columns into modern interior design is one of the best ways to make rooms and outdoor living spaces look more appealing and interesting. Columns bring a classic feel into modern homes. They are elegant and versatile elements that come in various styles, sizes and materials, and can be…

25 Ideas Enhancing Modern Room Design with Invisible or Eye Catching Interior Doors

modern interior design and room decorating with doors

Here is a collection of creative modern ideas that turn interior doors into stunning centerpieces and enhance modern interiors with colors and textures, or make these functional elements invisible, creating sleek and elegant room design. Interior doors provide perfect surfaces for adding luxurious decorative elements to modern interior design or make living spaces and walls look simple and smooth. Modern…

Striking Home Interiors and Serene Outdoor Rooms with Asian Flavor

outdoor rooms and water features

Striking interior design ans serene outdoor living spaces create this beautiful modern house in Beverly Hills where Jennifer Aniston lives. Renovated and expanded mid-century house design blends modern architecture with calm and peaceful gardens and outdoor rooms that add Zen-like feel to the gorgeous estate in California. Modern interior design, luxurious decorating materials and rich colors turn this home into…

Beautiful Interior Design in Family Oriented American Style

room decorating ideas in american homes

Beautiful modern interiors in American style blend traditional decor with comfortable and luxurious feel, offering wonderful, functional and bright homes for families. American Dream homes offer attractive house exterior and interior design in various sizes, turning even small spaces into inviting places with gorgeous rooms. Elegant, simple and stylish interior design in American style is enriched with inviting, natural and…

Simple Dorm Room Decorations Personalizing Interior Design

dorm room design ideas, teenage bedroom decor

Simple dorm room decorations help to personalized interior design and create more pleasant and comfortable living spaces for students. Most colleges and universities provide single or multiple occupancy rooms for their students. These living spaces lack character. Here is a few creative and inexpensive ways to add charm to interior design and create inviting and unique rooms for students. Like…

Architectural Redesign Project Turning Old Bungalow into Modern Reading Room Design

house redesign pictures before and after

A new reading room for The Christian Science Church in Issaquah, Washington is designed by FINNE Architects. The team completely transformed an old bungalow, originally built in 1905, into a modern and strikingly beautiful modern building with a gorgeous, beautiful and bright reading room design. The modern interior is filled with natural light, offering a perfect place for study. The architects…

22 Modern Storage Ideas Maximizing Living Room Design

modern storage furniture and storage solutions for living room design

Creative storage ideas help make rooms comfortable and organized even when you are short on cash. Living room furniture are not just for guests, and can be used as stylish and convenient storage furniture for organizing homes. The wise use of available furniture and buying living room furniture with fitted storage shelves and drawers are great home decorating ideas. Creative…

Suspended Glass Bathtub Sphere Brings Innovative Design into Modern Interiors

glass bathtub design

A glass bathtub shaped like a sphere is innovative, extravagant and impressive. The bathtub Bathsphere from designer Alexander Zhukovsky adds a futuristic feel to modern bathroom design and offers to decorate modern bathroom interiors with a spectacular hanging from the ceiling bathtub made of glass. The glass bathtub is a contemporary alternative to cast iron tubs in vintage style. The…

How to Create Perfect Dining Room Decor with Modern Furniture, Accessories and Lighting Fixtures

modern dining furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures

Dining areas add unique spaces to modern homes. Here is a guest post that shares tips for creating beautiful, comfortable and modern dining areas and suggests attractive ways to add personal touches to stylish, flexible and functional dining furniture with lighting fixtures and decorative accessories. Dining rooms provide dedicated spaces to enjoy family meals, hold occasional dinner parties for friends…

Green Ideas for Your Home Interiors, Decorating with Indoor Plants

indoor plants for modern room design and decor

Green ideas for home decorating include adding indoor plants to your rooms and creating pleasant atmosphere and natural feel in eco style. Here is guest post written by Staci Thomas, which shares ways to make your home greener with indoor plants enhancing modern interior decorating. The author is a writer and interior design specialist with Gaddy’s Plant Hire, If…

Spectacular Interior Design Ideas from Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel

modern interiors with unique decor, hotel in amsterdam

The Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders shows surprising and inspiring interior design ideas. The hotel interiors, quest rooms and public spaces feature very large and amazing details, like fantastic chandeliers encased inside huge bells and unique wallpaper patterns that combines fish with cutlery images. The hotel occupies a 35-year-old library building in the center of Amsterdam….

Sphere Garden Houses Adding Contemporary Touch to Backyard Landscaping

small summer room design

Sphere-shaped miniature garden houses bring contemporary style into backyard landscaping and garden designs. The Sphere Garden Lounger  is an attractive and unusual garden house that add a unique accent to backyard ideas and brings life into creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor seating area. With the advances in contemporary technology this new concept of summer house design features modest advantages…

Modern Interior Design Integrating English Medieval Towel into Contemporary Home

contemporary home with medieval tower

This contemporary house design with modern interiors and an integrated English Medieval tower into its architecture looks unusual, interesting, very functional and welcoming. Medieval towers are unique architectural designs and true wonders that can enhance and beautify modern interior design in minimalist style. Combining the English Medieval tower and modern house design in minimalist style creates a bright and beautiful…

Modern House Design Enhanced by Spacious Backyard Landscaping and Stylish Decor

modern house design and decorating

The contemporary home is built for an active young family in the Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio, this modern house surprises and delights with creative interior design ideas and stylish decor. Uniquely  designed, constructed and furnished by architectural firm Dimit Architects, located in Lakewood, Ohio. The modern house design features two wings, creating functional zones and dividing the…

Luxury Interior Design Ideas Enhanced by Infinity Swimming Pools and Gorgeous Ocean Views

room design with outdoor deck and infinity swimming pool

This luxury resort in Australia is a perfect place for a remarkable and peaceful summer holiday. Luxury interior design ideas and fabulous outdoor seating areas with picturesque views of the ocean water are enhanced by infinity swimming pools, lush vegetation and excellent services. The Qualia resort is located on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef region in Australia. The…

Unusual Interior Doors Adding Surprising Accents to Modern Interior Design Ideas

creative and modern design ideas for interior doors

Unusual interior doors bring space saving, surprising or decorative accents into modern interior design personalizing rooms and creating unique and interesting office or home spaces. to all sorts of needs, certain designers. Functionality is blended with creativity, transforming this architectural element into a striking detail that adds a whimsical feel to modern interior design. Interior doors decorated with colorful or…

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