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Tipi Inspired Table Lamp, Unique Lighting Design Idea

modern lamps for interior decorating

This modern table lamp looks simple and elegant, offering a quick and efficient way of room decorating. The lighting design idea is inspired by a tipi, and looks like a conical tent, traditionally made of wooden poles and animal skins. The tipi was used by the nomadic tribes of the Great Plains. The Tipi lamp features four legs made ​​from…

Spectacular Self Leveling Floor Designs Adding Surprising Optical Illusions to Modern Interiors

modern flooring ideas, contemporary concrete floor

Modern self leveling floor designs, created with digital prints or colored concrete look unusual, stylish and artistic. Perfect for new interior design and repairing old concrete floor, self leveling floor decoration ideas beautify modern interiors with surprising optical illusions and attractive images. Even if the concrete floor is old and has cracks, there is a great solution that will give…

Recycling Car Parts for Unique Furniture, Amazing Recycled Crafts and Modern Furniture Design Ideas

modern furniture design ideas with automotive parts

Recycling old car parts for modern furniture creates amazing items, tables, chairs, sofas, bar tables, beds and console tables for interior decorating. Offices, restaurants and home interiors look unique, surprising and creative with these fantastic furnishings that give character to modern interior decorating and make a statement. Unique furniture pieces, recycling car parts into artworks, attract the attention and delight…

Bright Home Interiors of Contemporary Box Shaped Extention to Small Cottage

modern interiors of box shaped home extension

The interiors of this Box house are impressive, bright and spectacular. Proving pleasant living spaces, they are enhanced by wonderful views and a light atmosphere, transforming an old small cottage in New Zealand into a modern house. The A heritage worker’s cottage is located in Auckland, and was recently expanded with a modern box-shaped extension by designers at BOX Living,…

Beautiful Modern Interior Design Photographs by Martin Dyrlov

modern interiors and home decorating ideas

Here are a few beautiful photographs of modern interiors that are bright and inspiring. Photographer Martin Dyrlov presents wonderful interior design works, united by unique talent of the photographer in a spectacular collection of stylish and creative interior design and decorating ideas. Interior design and photography go together like that famous horse and carriage. Great photographs help to present and…

Unusual Design Ideas for Pets, Tote Bags, Strollers and Carriers for Small Pets

tote bags and carriers for pets, modern design ideas for traveling with pets

Dogs make wonderful travel companions, but small dogs get tired very easily. Small pets can travel in pet carriers, tote bags and strollers designed for pets, offering a great way to travel with pets. Some designs are expensive, so you can make a tote bag for your small dog or a portable cardboard cat house to carry your pet around…

Pet Umbrellas Adding Fun to Rainy Days, Modern Design Idea for Pets

dogs umbrella, modern pet design ideas

Pet umbrellas are a great  design idea for dogs and their owners. These accessories make rainy days a little brighter. Walking your dog in the rain and returning home with your dog totally wet are not fun. The Dog Umbrella is a see-through umbrella which works as a leash also, keeping your dog out of rain, but in your control….

Unique Furniture Design Idea Blends Music into Wooden Chair

unique furniture design ideas, chair with strings

Echoism Chair designed by Jaeyoung Jang is an original and unique instrument for expressing various emotions. The chair looks like an art object that explores the world of emotions and tells the story of the environment, mood, mind and body. The chair design allows to show the picture of the environment through beating, hitting, and plucking sounds, as a person…

Small Travel Trailers from Toronto RV Show Offering Comfort and Style

small travel trailer

RV dealer Can-Am is on a mission to prove that you can use small or mid-size cars with tow capability to travel in comfort. Towing with a Fiat 500 looks attractive, and Can-Am drove this combo from London, Ontario to the RV Show in Toronto. The secret to towing with a small vehicle, says Can-Am towing guru Andrew Thomson, is…

Spectacular Hotel Room Design and Decor, Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam

hotel room design with glass shower and large window

The hotel room design and decor impress and delight with a round window with a spectacular view, a glass shower positioned in the center of the room, and a flat panel TV hanging on a tree beside a bed. The Fletcher Hotel features unique and stunning, luxurious and modern interior design and decor, created by architectural studio Benthem Crouwel Architekten….

Bohemian Dog Clothes and Accessories, Couture Dogs in New York by Paul Nathan

black dog dress and hat with feathers

A book with stylish, fabulous and expensive dog clothes is designed by a photographer Paul Nathan. Pictures of best-dressed dogs, their owners and the couturiers who design custom made outfits for dogs impress

Kids Friendly Bathroom Sinks, Family Basin Blending Style into Functional Bathroom Design

kids friendly bathroom sinks

Kids-friendly modern bathroom sinks add to a stylish look of functional bathroom design. Blending function and fashion into comfortable, family-oriented, modern bathroom design is a way to improve your home with new

Interesting Space Saving Furniture Design Idea for Small Rooms, Convertible Sofa Table

wooden cabinet that transformed into coffee table and sofa

An interesting space saving furniture design is a blend of a small sofa, a coffee table with soft stools and a storage chest. Convertible Sofa table is a transformer design project that creates a functional space saving

Modern Birdhouse Design Idea from Canadian Designers

yellow birdhouse design

Modern birdhouses look elegant and stylish, offering comfortable homes for birds and attractive backyard ideas for decorating outdoor living spaces, decks and gardens. Gorgeous house and garden designs require beautiful

Space Saving Cat Hammock from Cat Crib, Great DIY Pet Design Idea

cat bed for small spaces

Cat hammock is an item for your pets that adds lots of fun to their life. Space saving cat hammock is an excellent ideas for small apartments and homes. It provide a nice, cozy and quiet place for your cat without taking much

Claw Foot Tubs Adding 19th Century Chic to Modern Bathroom Design

modern bathroom tub in vintage style

Claw-foot tubs look elegant and classic. Nothing adds more grace to modern bathroom design in vintage style than a claw-foot bathtub. Made of acrylic, fiberglass and cast iron, claw-foot tubs are designed

Silicone Bathroom Accessories Blending Functionality and Modern Design

colorful bathroom accessories made of silicone rubber

Silicone bathroom accessories made of silicone rubber blend new and traditional materials with functionality and modern design, creating bright, convenient to use, durable and stylish items for homes. WC Line and Hanging

Top 11 Modern Tableware Design Trends 2013 Adding Unique Flavor to Stylish Table Setting

white ceramic tableware

Modern tableware design trends bring beautiful accents, dishes, bowls and utensils into kitchens and dining rooms. Attractive tableware designs and pleasant colors improve mood and add more appeal to everyday dining

Unglazed Clay Pot Designs for Alternative Healthy Cooking

potatoes in clay pot

Modern clay pot designs looks natural and very attractive. Cooking with a unglazed clay pot allows you to cook without any liquids. You soak the pot in water before cooking and the water is released while the pot is cooking

Safe Bicycle Seat for Cats and Dogs, Creative New Design Idea for Pets

contemporary design of bike seat for pet

Buddyride is a patent pending bicycle seat for cats and dogs, that allows to take your pet with you anywhere you go. Bicycle seat for pets is a wonderful design for pets and their owners, offering a fun and safe way to ride

15 Creative Ways to Add Modern Tlles to House Exterior and Interior Decorating

blue wall tiles for front door decorating

Modern tiles are great material for house exterior design, outdoor space and interior decorating that is practical and very attractive. Modern tile designs can adore floor and walls, furniture and decor accessories

Solid Glass Doors Enriching Modern House Exterior and Interior Design with Light and Flair

bedroom with glass door to terrace

Glass doors are excellent choices when you want visually enlarge home interiors, but also enrich modern interior design by adding more light to your rooms. Solid glass doors make modern interior design feel spacious

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