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7 Modern Interior Trends 2015 Reinventing Classic Luxury and Versatile Functionality

modern interior design ideas and color trends

Modern interior trends 2015 reinvent classy luxury, serenity, creative recycling and versatility in furniture design and interior decorating. Modern interior design trends 2015 include classic, retro and contemporary design ideas, traditional and new materials, fresh decorating colors, exotic motifs, ethnic decoration patterns, artistic details and surprising blend of textures. Modern interiors, where contemporary design ideas are combined with a gilded…

Latest Trends in Home Decorating and Interior Design from Milan

modern interiors, room furniture, lighting fixtures and wall decor ideas

Latest trends in home decorating bring beautiful home furnishings, floor and wall decor ideas, interesting prints, ethnic motifs, luxurious materials and fresh color combinations. Milan 2014 shows modern interiors, home lighting fixtures and furniture design, setting the mood and demonstrating the latest trends in home decorating for 2015. Lushome shares the most spectacular, vivid and innovative design trends and interior…

Modern Wallpaper Combinations for Interior Decorating with Flowers and 3d Damask Patterns

modern wall decoration ideas, textured wallpaper designs

Floral wallpapers and 3d damask patterns are beautiful trends in home decorating that create fresh and stylish rooms. Interior design magazines these days demonstrate gorgeous room decorating ideas that mix floral wallpapers and 3d damask patterns with stripes or traditionally painted walls, reinventing classic wall decor and decoration patterns. Modern interior decorating with flowers and damask patterns is about the…

Latest Trends in Modern Bathroom Sinks, 25 Spectacular Design Ideas

contemporary bathroom sink designs, materials and decorating ideas

Modern bathroom sinks make these functional rooms more beautiful and stylish. A bathroom sink is one of the most used fixtures at home. A bathroom sink is not just a functional and useful piece of bathroom fixtures, but a decorative accents that can add elegance, charm and character to home redesign and bathroom remodeling projects. Lushome shows 25 gorgeous bathroom…

30 All in One Bedroom and Bathroom Design Ideas for Space Saving Bathroom Remodeling Projects

modern bedroom and bathroom designs, open layout interior design ideas for bathroom remodeling

Modern bedroom and bathroom design trends offer stunning, provocative and surprising ideas for all-in-one open living spaces. Bedrooms with freestanding bathtubs or and contemporary glass showers are one of the most popular bathroom remodeling projects that create more spacious and bright rooms. Putting together master bedroom and bathroom designs gives the freedom to create unique, functional and modern interiors that…

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Sculptural Kitchen Island Worktop from Snaidero

modern kitchen design, black and white decorating ideas

A new kitchen design from Snaidero features a sculptural kitchen island worktop with a light base and curvy lines that add fine art to modern kitchens and create stylish workspace. Lushome shares pictures of the contemporary kitchen OLA-25, designed by Snaidero and Pininfarina. Contemporary kitchen design ideas, contrasting champagne and black color combination and futuristic forms change the way modern…

Modern Ideas, Crumbled and Knitted Porcelain Tableware Designs in Contemporary Style

crumbled and knitted surfaces, modern tableware and porcelain vases for interior decorating

Crumbled tableware and decor accessories, like flower pots, fruit holders and decorative vases, reflect the latest trends in contemporary ceramic designs, bringing fresh ideas, surprising texture and style into modern interior decorating. Lushome presents a collection of creative porcelain tableware and decor accessories manufactured on porcelain factory Piebalgas Porcelana Fabrika in Latvia. Very interesting, stylish and unique creations, white porcelain…

Modern Decorative Lights, Latest Trends in Christmas Decorating

christmas lights, garlands and holiday decorations

Modern decorative lights reflect latest trends in home decorating, beautifying and personalizing winter holiday decor with creative and unique Christmas lights. Modern Christmas decorations, – Christmas trees, garlands, handmade Christmas decorations and table centerpieces look more attractive, combined with glowing in the dark decorative lights. Decorative lights, especially surprising and innovative string lights, are perfect for enhancing Christmas mood and…

21 Modern Tables Enhancing Interior Design with Unique Furniture Artworks

unique furniture design ideas, unusual dining tables and coffee tables

Modern tables enhance interior design with unique designs that look like artworks and create a surprising effect. Unusual and creative dining tables create stunning centerpieces for interior design, bringing beautiful sculptures or multifunctional furniture pieces into modern homes. Inspired by the nature or modern art, coffee tables and dining tables utilize unconventional furniture design ideas, shapes, material or color combinations…

25 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas in Different Styles and Latest Trends in Decorating Kitchen Interiors

modern kitchens in different styles, kitchen colors, latest trends in decorating

Modern kitchen design offers amazing interiors to satisfy any taste and to match any interior design style. Modern kitchens vary in sizes and prices, but all give a unique look to kitchen interiors and personalize home designs. From spacious and luxurious kitchens for large homes to functional and small kitchens for apartments, modern kitchens are attractive, comfortable and unique. There…

Creative Design Ideas Turning Floor Rugs to Fabulous Home Decorations with Crystals

modern floor rugs made with swarovski crystals

Sculptured contemporary floor rugs add depth and interest to interior design, bringing beautiful accents into rooms and personalizing decor. Modern trends in home decorating bring creative design ideas that transform elements of interior design and turn even functional structural elements into fabulous home decorations. New sculptured rugs with Swarovski crystals look surprising and luxurious. Floor decoration with sculptured contemporary rugs…

Standing Upside Down Alternative Christmas Trees Reflecting Original German Tradition

upside down christmas tree decorating ideas

Standing upside-down or hanging from the ceiling, alternative Christmas trees reinvent old trends and reflect original European traditions, bringing creativity into modern Christmas decorating. This winter holiday is about the traditions, including the original German Christmas decorating with hanging upside-down Christmas trees. Christmas trees are beautiful symbols and wonderful winter holiday decorations that bring an amazing aroma into homes and…

Hanging Upside Down Christmas Trees Reinventing Space Saving Medieval Christmas Decorating Tradition

modern christmas decorating ideas

Hanging Christmas trees create spectacular displays in vintage style to look up to, offering practical and space saving ideas for winter holiday decorating. Hanging a Christmas tree from the ceiling looks unusual, contemporary and interesting today while it reinvents the Medieval German tradition. People lived in small rooms in Medieval times in Europe, including Germany, and a hanging Christmas tree…

25 Modern Art Deco Decorating Ideas Bringing Exclusive Style into Interior Design

art deco interiors, modern interior design and decor, room furniture and lighting fixtures

Art Deco decorating ideas are one of latest trends that have the potential to stay. Art Deco decorating ideas allow to create truly unique home interiors and show creativity and a sense of style. Designers love to add accents in Art Deco style to modern interiors and turn rooms into spectacular and luxurious living spaces. Art Deco decor items bring…

4 Fresh Interpretations of Latest Trends in Home Decorating and Modern Interior Design Ideas

modern interior design trends in furniture, wall decor and lighting fixtures

Popular trends in home decorating and modern interior design ideas bring interesting forms, new combinations of textures and spectacular details that add artistic touch, intimate feel and chic to bright and comfortable living spaces. Creative modern ideas and fresh trends in home decorating and interior design encourage to experiment looking for personal interpretations of familiar concepts and new ways of…

Knitting Trends Adding Warm Personality to Modern Interior Decorating

modern wallpaper designs with knitting pattern

Knitting craft ideas can help to personalize interior decorating and add unique home furnishings to your rooms. Textured wallpaper and knitted fabrics feel interesting, fresh and very creative. Knitting is one of latest trends in home decorating that brings these unusual wallpaper designs, knitted accessories and knitted decoration patterns into modern homes and create stylish and unique living spaces. A…

Modern Interior Design Trend Influenced by Color Block Style in Fashion

interior decorating with bright room colors

Modern interior design trend, inspired by color blocking style in fashion mixes saturated hues, creating bold and bright living spaces. Three super-saturated room colors make interior design feel joyful, cheerful, graphic and sharp, celebrating bright color shades and adding personality to living spaces. Modern interior design in color blocking style is influenced by fashion and remains one of the hottest…

Concrete Rocking Chair with Bright Bio Leather Upholstery Fabric

contemporary furniture design with bio leather upholstery fabric

Rocking Chair Swing isĀ  the first in the world luxurious and comfortable rocking chair made of concrete. It features a luxurious leather seat in orange color and looks inviting. The rocking chair in not just a piece of concrete furniture, its simple and elegant shape, stable and comfortable design create a striking contemporary furniture item that looks very impressive. Just…

Modern Room Colors, Interior Design and Decor in Red Colors

home decor in red colors, color trends, modern room colors

Red colors are latest trends in home decorating. Modern interior design and decor in red colors feel strong and powerful. The red color is one of the most energetic and exciting colors. Interior design and decor ideas that include red colors are the best ways to add life to your home and brighten up living spaces with dynamic and powerful…

Top 10 Modern Interior Design Trends 2014 and Stylish Room Colors

modern interiors and room colors for home decorating

Top modern interior design trends 2014 reflects innovative and beautiful home decorating ideas and stylish room colors that leading manufacturers of home furnishings demonstrated during design fairs in Germany, Australia and the United States in July and early August. Modern interior design and decor ideas showed the best examples of furniture, textiles and accessories that set trends in home decorating….

Multifunctional Interior Design Trends and Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas

multifunctional interior design and contemporary home decorating ideas

Multifunctional interior design in contemporary styles are one of the latest trends. It influences lighting fixture and furniture design ideas and bring changes into home decorating in contemporary styles. Smaller homes and apartments call for multifunctional, stylish and comfortable modern interiors. This means less space should provide functional rooms which looks attractive and inviting. Multifunctional interior design brings many innovative…

Interior Decorating in Asian Style, Modern Interior Design Trends

oriental interior decorating, modern interior design trends

Asian interior decorating ideas are stylish, classy and elegant. Modern interior design trends inspired by Asian interiors, offer a few beautiful ways to decorate your home, reflecting these influences in your living spaces. Decorative screens and woven straw mats, paper lamp shades and silk tapestry, floral wallpaper patterns and colorful birds images, dark wood furniture and calligraphy art are modern…

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