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Sliding Closet Doors to Hide Storage Spaces and Create Clean Modern Interior Design

Sliding closet doors are excellent for hiding closets, creating clean and modern interior design, and adding attractive accents to room decorating. Lushome collection of beautiful sliding closet doors provide great inspirations for creating well-organized, clean and…

Creative Door Design Ideas Improving Functionality and Look of Modern Doors

Creative door design ideas offer fantastic alternatives to spice up modern interiors and improve their functionality, look and feel.  Classic interior doors are reliable and durable, but unusual door designs look like amazing features and stunning…

6 Trends in Decorating with Salvaged Wood Doors

Wooden interior doors and exterior wood door designs vary in styles, but all wooden doors provide a great material for recycling and home decorating. Salvaged wood doors help save money and inspire amazing DIY projects. Lushome…

Ingeniously Simple Door with Metal Rods for Drying Clothes and Storage

Space saving ideas transform our life, improving functionality of our homes and office designs. Space saving interior design can be simple and elegant, inexpensive and very practical. Lushome presents a design idea developed for International Design…

22 Modern Ideas to Hide TVs behind Hinged or Sliding Doors

Hiding TVs behind hinged and sliding doors or wall decorative panels is one of interior design trends and modern ideas for home staging. Build-in furniture, beautiful shelves and picture frames around TVs create attractive focal points…

30 Black Interior and Exterior Doors Creating Brighter Home Decorating

Paint and decorating go together when you thing of changing a look and feel of interior and exterior doors. Black door decoration brings dramatic changes and create bold and elegant interior and exterior doors. Lushome collection…

Space Saving Interior Doors with Shelves Offering Convenient Storage for Small Spaces

Interior doors with shelves are one of space saving ideas that can improve functionality of small room design. These unusual and convenient doors create convenient storage spaces and attractive accent walls, dramatically changing the way working…

2 Quick and Cheap Ideas to Shut Interior Doors Tightly with Handmade Door Pads

Handmade door pads are smart design ideas that help shut interior doors tightly before you adjust and fix your door frame problems. Knitted or made of leather, cotton, wool or eco felt fabrics, these small door…

22 Space Saving Sliding Interior Doors for Spacious and Modern Small Rooms

Space saving sliding interior doors are wonderful home design ideas for small rooms. These modern interior doors change and evolve their designs reflecting latest trends in home decorating and offering functional and very attractive room design…

25 Ideas Enhancing Modern Room Design with Invisible or Eye Catching Interior Doors

Here is a collection of creative modern ideas that turn interior doors into stunning centerpieces and enhance modern interiors with colors and textures, or make these functional elements invisible, creating sleek and elegant room design. Interior…

30 Creative Interior Door Decoration Ideas Personalizing Home Interiors

Creating unique interior door decoration is an exciting DIY project that add personality to these functional architectural features and beautify interior design. Selecting an exciting and playful or classic and elegant door decoration patterns, combining your…

Unusual Interior Doors Adding Surprising Accents to Modern Interior Design Ideas

Unusual interior doors bring space saving, surprising or decorative accents into modern interior design personalizing rooms and creating unique and interesting office or home spaces. to all sorts of needs, certain designers. Functionality is blended with…

30 Modern Wall Decor Ideas Recycling Old Wood Doors for Unique Room Design

Modern wall decor ideas, incorporating old wood doors into room design, look creative, impressive and add an artistic touch to home decorating. Old wood doors are excellent architectural elements that make gorgeous, unusual and beautiful wall…

Stunning Modern Interiors of Swing House with Curves and Twists

Modern interiors of Swing House in Poland look unusual and dramatic.  The unique house with curved and twisted shapes is built in Warsaw, Poland, reflecting the extravagant taste and style of the owners and enhancing

Unusual Folding Door Reinventing Interior Door Design Concept

This unusual door design changes a traditional view at what an interior door should look. Created by designers from Matharoo Associates, this interior door extravagantly decorates the expensive residence

Stylish Interior Door Design Trends Personalize Modern Interiors

Modern interior design trends are changing so quickly, bringing new ideas and contemporary materials into our homes. Interior Doors are an important part of interior design, and contemporary interior doors are a nice

33 Modern Interior Doors Creating Stylish Centerpieces for Interior Design

Modern interior doors ate not only functional elements of interior design, but true decorations creating stylish centerpieces that can define your room decor. Modern interior doors look attractive and impressive, offering

Solid Glass Doors Enriching Modern House Exterior and Interior Design with Light and Flair

Glass doors are excellent choices when you want visually enlarge home interiors, but also enrich modern interior design by adding more light to your rooms. Solid glass doors make modern interior design feel spacious

Interior Glass Doors, 11 Bright and Modern Interior Design Ideas

Interior glass doors are a way to bring more light to every room corner and create bright and modern interior design. Traditional and contemporary large interior glass doors from the floor to the ceiling let inside…

Cherry Wood Doors for Interior Decorating, Stylish Interior Doors

Cherry wood interior doors look gorgeous. Cherry is one of the most desirable woods that provide beautiful natural material for creating strong and attractive interior doors. It is a fine and especially stable closed grained

11 Door Decorating Ideas to Create Modern Interior Doors

Modern interior doors add style and beauty to room design and decorating. Simple and creative door decorating ideas, like paint, wallpaper, ornaments or crafts decorations make interior doors look unique and attractive

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