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Modern Wall Tile Designs in White and Blue Colors Inspired by Famous Delfware

Modern tile designs in white and blue colors, inspired by Delfware, bring vintage style into wall decor and help create amazing accent walls which are unique and spectacular. Delftware, or Delft pottery, denotes pottery made in…

Modern Tile Designs by Patricia Urquiola Bring Digital Printing into Modern Interiors

New tile designs for kitchen and bathroom interiors, entryways and living rooms is created by Patricia Urquiola. The collection of modern tiles with digital prints is called Azulej and deliberately combines subtle geometric and abstract patterns,…

Modern Ceramic Tiles with Wood Look Offer Practical and Warm Interior Design Ideas

Modern ceramic tiles that look like they made of wood add the warmth of wood and functionality of ceramic to modern interior design, and offer fresh and innovative, beautiful and modern interior design ideas for any…

15 Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2013

Bathrooms became one of the most important rooms in the house. Modern bathroom design is pleasing to the eye, functional and relaxing. Modern bathroom decor helps people feel better and rejuvenate. Stylish and comfortable modern bathroom…

Mosaic Tiles and Modern Wall Tile Designs in Patchwork Fabric Style

Mosaic tiles and modern tile designs in patchwork style are one of top ten trends 2012 in kitchen or bathroom decorating. Wall decoration, created with ceramic, metal or glass mosaic tiles look amazing. Images of fruits

Modern Bathroom Tile Designs in Monochromatic Colors

Modern bathroom tile designs in one color shades are one of timeless, stylish and sophisticated interior design trends 2012. Monochromatic colors are a way to use not object-based decorating themes

Transparent Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles with Organic Objects, Recycled Glass Tiles

Transparent bathroom and kitchen tiles with organic objects, made of recycled glass, create one of modern kitchen and bathroom tile design trends, that comes from Italian Archeo Ceramika. The company surprises

Top 10 Tile Design Trends, Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Designs

Modern kitchen and bathroom tiles are spectacular. Modern tile designs look like works of art, adding elegance and beauty to kitchen and bathroom interiors, bringing stylish textures, natural materials and rich colors

Modern Tiles that Look like Fabric, Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Designs

Modern tile designs that look like home decorating fabrics are modern alternatives for kitchen or bathroom wall decorating, when painting walls feels boring and you want to create wallpaper-like look on sink and shower

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Designs that Imitate Animal Skin, Modern Tiles

Kitchen and bathroom tile designs that imitate exotic animal skin look fabulous. Faux looks of modern tiles dramatically change kitchen and bathroom interiors, creating spectacular trends 2012 in tile designs

Wood like Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles, Modern Tile Designs

Kitchen and bathroom tiles are an excellent decorating material that is always in style.  Modern tiles that look like wood is one of interior design trends 2012, which helps decorate kitchen and bathroom interiors in eco

Onyx Slate Tiles for Small Bathroom Designs, Bathroom Floor Tiles

Modern bathroom floor tiles can make even small bathroom designs look luxurious. Bathroom floor tiling is very important to the comfort of bare feet, whether you are stepping out of a small shower or creeping

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