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Modern Bathroom Sinks, Wall Mirrors and Bathroom Lights by Emo Design

bathroom sinks, wall mirrors and lighting fixtures

Modern bathroom design is all about stylish fixtures and bathroom furniture. Modern bathroom sinks are one of the elements that add stylish look to these functional rooms. Lushome presents unusual and elegant bathroom sinks, wall mirrors, bathroom lighting fixtures and consoles by Emo Design, Italy. These console sinks, wall mirrors and bathroom lights look gorgeous, blending contemporary and retro-modern ideas…

Latest Trends in Modern Bathroom Sinks, 25 Spectacular Design Ideas

contemporary bathroom sink designs, materials and decorating ideas

Modern bathroom sinks make these functional rooms more beautiful and stylish. A bathroom sink is one of the most used fixtures at home. A bathroom sink is not just a functional and useful piece of bathroom fixtures, but a decorative accents that can add elegance, charm and character to home redesign and bathroom remodeling projects. Lushome shows 25 gorgeous bathroom…

Beautiful Bathroom Sinks Decorated with Mosaic Tiles

mosaic tile designs for sinks

Mosaic tiles are wonderful materials for interior decorating. Mosaic tiling techniques allow to create unique and beautiful bathroom sinks and transform bathroom designs by adding color and texture to functional elements or adorn home furnishings. Lushome shares a collection of amazing bathroom decorating ideas and mosaic tile sinks. Made with mosaic tiles, these bathroom sinks are great remodeling ideas that…

Smart Space Saving Ideas for Small Bathroom Design and Decorating

modern bathroom fixtures and storage ideas

Space saving ideas can transform even small bathroom into visually larger, brighter and more comfortable room. Good organization, space saving furniture for small spaces, light colors, contemporary bathroom fixtures and elegant furnishings create beautiful, functional and stylish small bathroom that looks spacious and modern. Here is a collection of tips and small bathroom design ideas that Lushome brings to inspire…

Modern Bathroom Collection from Marc Newson

designer bathroom fixtures

Modern bathroom design ideas delight, bringing elegant and luxurious bathroom fixtures into homes. The bathroom collection Caroma is created by Marc Newson. It is the latest addition to beautiful bathroom fixtures from Australian designer. Fresh and attractive, these modern bathroom fixtures look stylish. Exciting and refreshing, modern bathroom design ideas and products blend functionality with luxury, turning bathrooms into pleasant,…

Bathroom Faucets Marti Bringing Rustic Style into Modern Bathroom Design

modern bathroom fixtures made of stone, wood and metal

Modern bathroom facets Marti make wonderful decorative accents, creating a luxurious feel and adding bathroom fixtures in rustic style to interior design. Beautiful materials and finishes turn these bathroom fixtures into true home decorations, that combine roughness with polished surfaces into creative contemporary design. Made of travertine, wood, stone and metals, these bathroom faucets look natural, organic and very attractive….

Ceramic and Solid Wood Bathroom Design Collection Rediscovering Simple Interior Design

ceramic and wood furniture, bathroom fixtures and bath accessories

Bathroom furniture and accessories created with solid wood, connect modern bathroom design with the nature, rediscovering the simplicity of organic, functional and comfortable interior design. Elegant lines of sculpted in shaped of tree branches and roots, slightly curved lines, rounded corners and natural white and brown colors evoke a sense of harmony. An attractive blend of elegant vanities and thick…

Concrete Bathroom Sinks Adding Industrial Style Luxury to Modern Bathroom Design

contemporary bathroom fixtures, concrete sinks in various colors

Durable and contemporary, concrete bathroom sinks look unusual, interesting, exclusive and attractive. These modern bathroom sinks from Pietra Danzare blend an industrial feel and stylish look into unique functional bathroom fixtures. Colorful, rectangular bathroom sinks are excellent items to add industrial chic and luxury to modern bathroom design. The concrete bathroom sinks look like colorful slabs shaped by running water….

Handicapped Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas for Disabled People

bathroom designs for people with disabilities

Modern bathroom design fir disabled people, especially those confined to wheelchairs,¬† is not simple. Comfort and safety are the main elements of handicapped friendly bathroom design. Selecting modern bathroom furniture and accessories, bathtub, shower and toilet that are comfortable and look modern, creates clever bathroom design for disabled people. Modern bathroom design that blends attractive look, clever solutions, safe building…

Corner Bathroom Sinks Creating Space Saving Modern Bathroom Design

corner sinks for modern bathroom design

Corner sinks are practical, pretty and space saving ideas for small bathroom design. Corner bathroom sinks maximize small spaces, add creative contemporary designs to functional rooms and harmonize small bathroom design by making use of a corner space. Corner bathroom sinks with mirrors placed opposite to a window stretch small rooms visually and create brighter bathrooms. Two wall mirrors of…

Modern Bathroom Vanities and Sinks Adding Chic and Style to Beautiful Bathroom Design

modern bathroom furniture, sinks, wall mirrors and bathroom lighting

Modern bathroom vanities, sinks and faucets add elegance, chic and style to bathroom design. Beautiful bathroom vanities enhance large and small bathrooms with an artistic quality. They come in various colors, materials and shapes. Extravagant and exclusive or charming and familiar, modern bathroom vanities transform bathroom design and give a room personality. When shopping for a bathroom vanity with a…

How to Move Toilets in Bathrooms, 30 Home Staging and Bathroom Design Ideas

modern toilets and bathroom design ideas

Home staging and new bathroom design can totally change the look of our functional room. Moving a toilet to a different place in your bathroom can be a great idea to add some space to the small room, create more comfort and increase the values of your property. Your new bathroom design or remodeling project will be more practical and…

33 Modern Bathroom Design and Decorating Ideas Incorporating Sea Shell Art and Crafts

sea shell crafts for modern bathroom design and decorating

Modern bathroom design and decorating ideas that include seashells and seas shell images feel natural and pleasant, reminding of gorgeous beaches and care-free vacations. All types of sea shells, corals, starfish and beach pebbles make great decorations for home interiors and create exclusive and pleasant seashell bathroom decor. Images of these natural treasures inspire beautiful bathroom tile designs and fabrics,…

Trendy Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and 25 Redesign Inspirations

small bathroom design and remodeling ideas

Small bathroom design can feel comfortable and inviting. This small functional room is associated with hygiene, but modern bathrooms are places for relaxation and rest also. A cozy small bathroom can offer a perfect space for it when you skillfully address the limited space problem and create elegant small bathroom design. Here is an inspiring collection of small bathroom remodeling…

Freestanding Bathroom Tubs Define Luxurious Trends in Modern Bathtubs

freestanding bathtub and modern bathroom design

Freestanding bathroom tubs and modern bathtubs with double basins that create zones for two people are luxurious design trends for bathroom suites that make a statement. Stylish and impressive these types of modern bathtubs create gorgeous centerpieces and create a chic, spa-like atmosphere. Freestanding bathtubs in various materials, styles, shapes and sizes are a beautiful trend in modern bathroom design….

Modern Bathroom Tubs, 20 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Built In Bathtubs

built in bathtubs and bathroom remodeling ideas

The latest trends in modern bathroom tubs bring luxury into homes and inspire to add chic bathtubs to bathroom remodeling projects. nest year. Modern bathroom design trends show spectacular ideas for bathroom remodeling projects and ways to make our homes more beautiful, comfortable and stylish. The latest trends in bathroom design guide towards functional and luxurious tubs, ideal for relaxation,…

Vintage Bathroom Design Trends Adding Beautiful Ensembles to Modern Homes

clawfoot bathtub for vintage bathroom design

Vintage bathroom design trends bring elegant and timeless ideas into modern homes, blending traditional materials with antiques and creating fantastic modern bathrooms that are functional, comfortable and inviting. Some people do not like adding antiques, classic bathtubs and vintage furniture to their bathrooms, but there are still some who prefer modern bathroom design in vintage style with its unique look,…

Small Bathroom Design Trends and Ideas for Modern Bathroom Remodeling Projects

small bathroom design with inclined roof window

Small bathroom design trends help select the best bathroom remodeling ideas for your home. Stylish bathroom makeovers turn small functional rooms into pleasant and beautiful, comfortable and inviting, increasing home values, improving home staging and helping sell properties fast, or creating a luxurious atmosphere in your bathroom to relax and enjoy stress-free lifestyle. Nice-looking small bathroom design and decor beautify…

Modern Bathroom Colors for Stylishly Bright Bathroom Design

purple flower bathroom wallpaper

Large or small bathroom design can be personalized with a unique color scheme. Neutral colors or rich and vivid bathroom colors personalize interior design and create pleasant and stylish spaces that improve mood and cheer you up and help relax and feel peaceful. Here is a collection of colorful bathroom ideas that you can consider when your are ready for…

Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Blending Japanese Minimalist Style with Contemporary Ideas

contemporary bathroom design with glass walls, water garden and built-in floor bathtub

Modern bathroom design in Japanese style creates connected with nature, pleasant and comfortable interiors in minimalist style. A soaking bathtub is the distinct centerpiece for bathroom design in Japanese style. Bathroom design ideas are simple and practical, calling for natural materials and neutral color schemes, creating calming, warm and pleasant interiors in Japanese homes. Modern bathroom design, influenced by Asian…

26 Modern Bathroom Design and Decorating Ideas Creating Bathrooms with Character

contemporary bathroom lighting design

Modern bathroom design ideas, your favorite colors and stylish textures, mixed with personal touches and unique details, create gorgeous bathrooms with character and one-of-a-kind look. Modern bathroom design is not only functional and attractive, but comfortable, interesting and original. Bathroom design and decorating colors affect your mood, emotional and psychological well being. Selecting right materials for your bathroom design and…

Brilliantly Modern Bathroom Design Ideas Blend Minimalist Functionality with Elegance of Diamonds

new bathtub with free standing faucet

Modern bathroom design from TOTO¬† brings beautiful contemporary forms and neutral colors, jazzed up by stylish rich blue wall painting and bathroom accessories. Creative director Masahiro Maruhashi designed a brilliant collection, inspired by diamonds and called JEWELHEX with an exclusive cut that create elegant bathroom design. Clear lines and precious cut stone-like edges reflect light into bathroom interior, creating bright…

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