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Bike Bathroom Sink Ideal for Modern Bathroom Design in Vintage Style

This bathroom sink in vintage style is a project by Regia. The bike adds  unique look to the bathroom sink and make a perfect decoration for modern bathroom design. Lushome presents this unique bathroom sink, ideal for romantic bathroom decor in vintage style. Black bike with leather grips, fully accessorized with basket and pump, creates an unusual bathroom vanity. This…

Modern Bathroom Trends, Wood in Bathroom Design and Decor

Lushome shares beautiful photographs that demonstrate modern bathroom trends in wooden bathroom design and decor. Traditional and exotic solid wood, contemporary wooden materials and salvaged wood bring the nature into modern bathroom design and add warmth to decor. Wood in design and decor creates amazingly peaceful and welcoming modern bathrooms that celebrate the pleasant unity with nature. Wooden bathroom design…

Modern Bathroom Sinks with Beautiful Prints, Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

A bathroom sink is essential feature, and choosing a sink that is comfortable to use and beautiful creates attractive and functional bathroom design. Modern bathroom sinks with colorful prints and creative painting designs can give your bathrooms a great stylish look. Lushome collection of ceramic sinks with prints demonstrates beautiful designs and offer modern bathroom remodeling ideas. Attractive painting ideas…

Boudoir Bathroom Design by Delpha Bringing Classic Chic into Modern Bathrooms

Classic, luxurious and modern bathroom design ideas fascinate and delight transforming functional interiors into bright and comfortable rooms. Boudoir bathroom design by Delpha brings the Parisian chic and beauty into modern homes and gives great inspirations for DIY bathroom decorating and interior redesign. Modern bathroom design in classic style provide fabulous opportunities to transform large and small bathrooms. Nothing is…

Best Shower Heads for Men and Women, Modern Bathroom Design and Decor

Shower heads add a final touch to bathroom design and personalize the functional rooms. Men and women have differences in shower rituals, and they want different shower heads also. Lushome collection demonstrates latest trends in shower head design and includes the most advanced, beautiful and stylish shower head ideas to help create modern bathroom design which is comfortable and pleasant…

Unique and Contemporary Shower Head Inspired by Grater, Modern Bathroom Design

Shower heads are important elements of modern bathroom design and decor. Good shower head design is not only functional and comfortable to use, but also interesting, elegant and stylish. Lushome presents this unique contemporary shower head design idea, inspired by a grater that adds original design and ultimate comfort to modern bathroom design. The shower head design in creative and…

10 Tips for Japanese Bathroom Design, 20 Asian Interior Design Ideas

Asian bathroom design is about ultimate relaxation. Beautiful and functional, modern bathroom design ideas in Asian style create relaxing and pleasant, functional and comfortable, spa-like rooms. Lushome collection of Asian bathroom design ideas gives great inspirations for bringing exotic Asian style into your bathroom interiors. Modern bathroom design in Asian style creates very special, harmonious and calming rooms decorated with…

Quick Home Staging Tips, 10 Steps to Modern Bathroom Design and Decor

Modern bathroom design and decor can be created with simple 10 steps and quick home staging tips. You can update your bathroom without a major renovation and spending lots of money on new bathroom decor. Lushome shares home staging tips and bathroom design inspirations for beautiful interior redesign, remodeling and decorating that will transform your functional rooms and help create…

Modern Bathroom Collection from Marc Newson

Modern bathroom design ideas delight, bringing elegant and luxurious bathroom fixtures into homes. The bathroom collection Caroma is created by Marc Newson. It is the latest addition to beautiful bathroom fixtures from Australian designer. Fresh and attractive, these modern bathroom fixtures look stylish. Exciting and refreshing, modern bathroom design ideas and products blend functionality with luxury, turning bathrooms into pleasant,…

Bathroom Faucets Marti Bringing Rustic Style into Modern Bathroom Design

Modern bathroom facets Marti make wonderful decorative accents, creating a luxurious feel and adding bathroom fixtures in rustic style to interior design. Beautiful materials and finishes turn these bathroom fixtures into true home decorations, that combine roughness with polished surfaces into creative contemporary design. Made of travertine, wood, stone and metals, these bathroom faucets look natural, organic and very attractive….

Designer Toilet Seat and Cover Ideas to Add Personality to Bathroom Design

Toilets are available in a wide range of colors, and unfortunately, the replacement seats are sometimes hard to find. Colorful toilet seat covers can be a great solution for your bathroom design. Bold prints and bright color combinations are modern interior design trends that bring a fresh vibe into your bathroom. If you can not find the matching toilet seat…

Modern Bathroom Toilet Seats and Covers, Contemporary Design Ideas

A modern bathroom toilet consists of the bowl, cistern and toilet seat with a cover. Toilet seats are functional and decorative bathroom design elements, which cover the bowls and add unique details to bathrooms, decorating these home interiors with beautiful materials and interesting designs. Modern bathroom toilet seats improve their functionality with many additional features. Creative toilet seat designs add…

Ceramic and Solid Wood Bathroom Design Collection Rediscovering Simple Interior Design

Bathroom furniture and accessories created with solid wood, connect modern bathroom design with the nature, rediscovering the simplicity of organic, functional and comfortable interior design. Elegant lines of sculpted in shaped of tree branches and roots, slightly curved lines, rounded corners and natural white and brown colors evoke a sense of harmony. An attractive blend of elegant vanities and thick…

22 Modern Bathroom Ideas Blending Green Color into Interior Design and Decor

Interior design and decorating with rich green color shades and light turquoise blue-green colors are modern bathroom ideas that create fresh and bright, stylish and peaceful interior design and decor. There are numerous beautiful and pleasant green color shades that are suitable for modern bathroom design and decorating, and our collection of bathroom ideas show just top 8 modern bathroom…

26 Modern Bathroom Design and Decorating Ideas Creating Bathrooms with Character

Modern bathroom design ideas, your favorite colors and stylish textures, mixed with personal touches and unique details, create gorgeous bathrooms with character and one-of-a-kind look. Modern bathroom design is not only functional and attractive, but comfortable, interesting and original. Bathroom design and decorating colors affect your mood, emotional and psychological well being. Selecting right materials for your bathroom design and…

Silicone Bathroom Accessories Blending Functionality and Modern Design

Silicone bathroom accessories made of silicone rubber blend new and traditional materials with functionality and modern design, creating bright, convenient to use, durable and stylish items for homes. WC Line and Hanging

Beautiful Bathroom Decorating and Home Staging with Orchids

Bathroom decorating or home staging with orchids create a universal appeal. A vase with orchid blooms cascading down in all directions add chic and elegance to bathroom decorating or home staging in minimal, simple

Modern Bathroom Design Trends and Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Modern bathroom design trends help to choose materials and bathroom furniture, fixtures and bathroom decor accessories for your bathroom remodeling. Consider helpful designer tips and popular bathroom decorating

Modern Small Bathroom Decorating in Eco Style, Neutral Colors with Green Accents

Small bathroom decorating in eco style can is about natural materials, neutral colors and green color accents that create a fresh and pleasant feel. Nature inspired, modern small bathroom decorating ideas help to see

15 Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2013

Bathrooms became one of the most important rooms in the house. Modern bathroom design is pleasing to the eye, functional and relaxing. Modern bathroom decor helps people feel better and rejuvenate. Stylish and comfortable modern bathroom design

Warm On Beach Pebbles, Design Idea to Maintain Bathtub Water Temperature Constant

Warm On concept is a way to maintain the bath water temperature constant, creating eco friendly products for saving money on electrical bills in eco friendly homes. Warm On that looks like a beach pebble, is a functional

Wood like Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles, Modern Tile Designs

Kitchen and bathroom tiles are an excellent decorating material that is always in style.  Modern tiles that look like wood is one of interior design trends 2012, which helps decorate kitchen and bathroom interiors in eco

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