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Modern Bathroom Sinks Metamorfosi Adding Shape and Color to Bathroom Design

These modern bathroom sinks are a great way to add visual interest to bathroom design. The countertop washbasins come in five colors and five shapes, bringing unique features into modern bathrooms. Lushome presents the modern bathroom sink design Metamorfosi. The bathroom sinks can add bright color to bathroom decorating or help design black and white bathroom interiors in elegant style….

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas and Decorating Secrets for Stylish Rooms

Modern bathroom design and decorating can beautifully compliment attractive and stylish living spaces and create a great impact on the overall impression of the house. Creating a beautiful, functional and comfortable bathroom is easy when you know some professional design and decorating secrets which Lushome shares with its readers. Good bathroom design layout and organization are important elements of creating…

Modern Bathroom Design and Decorating with Wallpaper

Modern wallpaper patterns, colors and textures can add beautiful accents to modern bathroom design and decorating. Beautiful wallpapers give character and create truly unique, comfortable and very attractive modern bathrooms. Lushome shares a collection of modern ideas for using wallpaper in bathroom design and decorating. Beautiful wallpapers come in black-n-white or with colorful patterns. Modern wallpaper is one of popular…

Eco Chic Design Ideas for Modern Bathrooms by Robert Kolenik

Modern bathrooms envisioned by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik blend eco chic with amazing craftsmanship in lighting. When chic design ideas meet natural materials and artistic details beautiful things happen. Lushome presents gorgeous modern bathrooms by Robert Kolenik which reflect unique personality of the designer and latest trends in eco bathroom design. Modern bathroom design ideas in eco chic style are…

Boudoir Bathroom Design by Delpha Bringing Classic Chic into Modern Bathrooms

Classic, luxurious and modern bathroom design ideas fascinate and delight transforming functional interiors into bright and comfortable rooms. Boudoir bathroom design by Delpha brings the Parisian chic and beauty into modern homes and gives great inspirations for DIY bathroom decorating and interior redesign. Modern bathroom design in classic style provide fabulous opportunities to transform large and small bathrooms. Nothing is…

Latest Trends in Modern Bathroom Design, 20 Contemporary Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Modern bathroom design in contemporary style is bright, sleek, chic, functional and comfortable. Contemporary bathroom remodeling ideas bring gorgeous architectural solutions and design ideas with their linear simplicity. Modern bathrooms in contemporary style are beautiful, light and stylish. Lushome shares 20 contemporary bathroom remodeling ideas to demonstrate the latest trends in modern bathrooms. High quality materials and large glass surfaces…

Modern House Redesign Ideas Blending Coloful Home Interiors with Beautiful Surroundings

This beautiful house is located on West Lake in Austin, Texas. Surrounded by mature oak trees, the family home offers gorgeous, colorful and modern home interiors after redesign, renovation and stylish home decoration project. Designer Specht Harpman transformed the house into expressive, optimistic and bold living spaces that look stylish and feel like home. The modern house looks luxurious after…

Attractive Toilet Seat Cushions Adding Comfort to Modern Bathroom Design

Attractive toilet seats with soft and warm cushions are a nice way to add color and comfort to modern bathroom design. Colorful or black-n-white, with interesting decoration pattern or soft cushion, toilet seats are decorative home accessories that make bathroom design feel comfortable, unique and personal. To have a padded toilet seat means adding more comfort to your functional room….

Designer Toilet Seat and Cover Ideas to Add Personality to Bathroom Design

Toilets are available in a wide range of colors, and unfortunately, the replacement seats are sometimes hard to find. Colorful toilet seat covers can be a great solution for your bathroom design. Bold prints and bright color combinations are modern interior design trends that bring a fresh vibe into your bathroom. If you can not find the matching toilet seat…

Trendy Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and 25 Redesign Inspirations

Small bathroom design can feel comfortable and inviting. This small functional room is associated with hygiene, but modern bathrooms are places for relaxation and rest also. A cozy small bathroom can offer a perfect space for it when you skillfully address the limited space problem and create elegant small bathroom design. Here is an inspiring collection of small bathroom remodeling…

Blue and Neutral Color Schemes, Blue Wall Paint for Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Room colors influence interior design and decor creating a certain mood. Cool blue colors are excellent for modern kitchen and bathroom design color schemes. Light or rich blue color bring its special qualities into you interior design and decor, making it feels calm, peaceful and cool. Rich blue color schemes are wonderful for sunny and bright kitchen design. Light blue…

Colorful Kids Bathrooms, Designer Furniture, Accessories and Bathroom Fixtures for Children

Colorful kids bathrooms from Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz and the Swiss company Laufen are extraordinary vivid, impressive and innovative. Designer furniture and accessories bring gorgeous themes, – flowers, clouds, balloons, hearts, stars and smiling faces, – into kids bathroom design and decorating. Kids bathroom fixtures are colorful, unusual and pleasant. Sinks are shaped like flowers, and even bathroom faucets are…

22 Modern Bathroom Ideas Blending Green Color into Interior Design and Decor

Interior design and decorating with rich green color shades and light turquoise blue-green colors are modern bathroom ideas that create fresh and bright, stylish and peaceful interior design and decor. There are numerous beautiful and pleasant green color shades that are suitable for modern bathroom design and decorating, and our collection of bathroom ideas show just top 8 modern bathroom…

Modern Bathroom Colors for Stylishly Bright Bathroom Design

Large or small bathroom design can be personalized with a unique color scheme. Neutral colors or rich and vivid bathroom colors personalize interior design and create pleasant and stylish spaces that improve mood and cheer you up and help relax and feel peaceful. Here is a collection of colorful bathroom ideas that you can consider when your are ready for…

Best American Modern Bathroom Designs 2013 in Different Styles

Modern bathroom design creates functional and very relaxing, pleasant and stylish rooms, perfect for complete relaxation. Modern bathroom design ideas blend traditional and contemporary materials and textures, looking for the best ways to expressing¬† the owners personality. These are the best American modern kitchen designs, the winners of the bath design competition 2013 in New Orleans. Modern bathroom design brings…

Elegant Modern Bathroom Design Blending Japanese Minimalist Style with Contemporary Ideas

Modern bathroom design in Japanese style creates connected with nature, pleasant and comfortable interiors in minimalist style. A soaking bathtub is the distinct centerpiece for bathroom design in Japanese style. Bathroom design ideas are simple and practical, calling for natural materials and neutral color schemes, creating calming, warm and pleasant interiors in Japanese homes. Modern bathroom design, influenced by Asian…

Black Bathroom Fixtures and Decor Keeping Modern Bathroom Design Elegant

Black bathroom fixtures and decor accessories offer a dramatic look to any bathroom, although keeping them clean can require extra effort. Black bathroom design is elegant and sophisticated, but water contains

Contemporary Bathroom Decor in Black Color Adds Mysterious Elegance to Bathroom Design

Contemporary bathroom decor in black color feels mysterious and sophisticated, bringing luxury and balance into bathroom design. Simple elegance and black color blend well, creating stylish contemporary

25 Modern Bathroom Ideas Adding Sunny Yellow Accents to Bathroom Design

Rich yellow color is one of modern bathroom decorating ideas that bring sunny atmosphere into interior design. Yellow bathroom tiles, yellow walls, decorated with bathroom tiles, interior paint or bathroom wallpaper, floor

Modern Bathroom Design Trends and Popular Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Modern bathroom design trends help to choose materials and bathroom furniture, fixtures and bathroom decor accessories for your bathroom remodeling. Consider helpful designer tips and popular bathroom decorating

Modern Small Bathroom Decorating in Eco Style, Neutral Colors with Green Accents

Small bathroom decorating in eco style can is about natural materials, neutral colors and green color accents that create a fresh and pleasant feel. Nature inspired, modern small bathroom decorating ideas help to see

15 Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2013

Bathrooms became one of the most important rooms in the house. Modern bathroom design is pleasing to the eye, functional and relaxing. Modern bathroom decor helps people feel better and rejuvenate. Stylish and comfortable modern bathroom design

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