Red and White Dinnerware with Floral Pattern

teapot with floral pattern, modern dinnerware in red colors

Beautiful green-black-red and white teapot with floral pattern

Retro dinnerware with a floral pattern looks beautiful and very stylish. Red flowers on green, black or white dinnerware look exciting, attractively decorating dining tables, creating festive feel, improving mood, energizing and stimulating appetite. Inspired by the beauty of red poppy flowers, the red-white-green-black color palette and floral pattern are the latest trends in decorating dinnerware sets and creating gorgeous dining tables.

Red colors are very active, warm and powerful. Red dinnerware with white or green-black-red patterns, and red-n-black floral patterns on white dinnerware add attractive floral accents, retro motifs and dynamic geometric designs to dining tables, bringing modern patterns into kitchens and dining room decorating.

Red colors, bright or deep red dinnerware sets, table decoration and patterns on decor items are stimulating and associated with life, action and healthy blood. Red dinnerware sets feel warm, inviting and seducing. People, who choose to use solid red dinnerware sets or green-red, black-red and red-white dinnerware sets are usually energetic and optimistic, psychologists say.

Modern dinnerware, everyday dinnerware in red color

Red dinnerware sets

Red dinnerware patterns, red floral motifs or geometric decoration patterns on wallpapers, home fabrics or room decor accessories create welcoming, stimulating and cheerful dining room decorating.

Red dinnerware sets affect human desires to move forward, to seek and find. It is great to know that red and white dinnerware gives courage and add openness to communication.

Bright red dinnerware sets stimulate energy and help increase leadership qualities. Bright red dinnerware and red geometric, striped or floral patterns creates a positive effect on negative mental state. Everyday dinnerware sets with bright red floral patterns or geometric prints can help fight apathy, depression, fears and diffidence.

White dinnerware sets with red floral patterns

Red poppies, beautiful flowers, green and red colors and design inspirations

Psychologists say that green-black-red and white dinnerware sets bring cheerful, wall-balanced and harmonious color palette into homes. Inspired by red poppy flowers, the red dinnerware sets stimulate the nervous system.

It is believed that red dinnerware and white dinnerware sets with red accents help improve circulation, help treat low blood pressure and anemia.

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Red and white dinnerware to Feng Shui home

Poppy flowers are ancient Chinese symbols of the sun and joy. These red flowers attract everything desired. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui decorating tips, the green-black-red and white dinnerware, small decor accessories and clothing in these colors improve digestion and health.

Inspired by red poppy flowers, white dinnerware with floral pattern, green-red-white dinnerware

Red clothes, tablecloth and napkins, white with red dinnerware sets help fight colds and lift your spirit. Everyday dinnerware with bright red floral patterns or geometric prints are excellent choice for winter decorating. Red colors help the body to stay warm and strengthen the immune system.

Feng Shui home and dining room decorating

Feng Shui home colors and Chinese symbols

Color psychologists warn that lots of red color is too stimulating for human eyes. The combination of dining room or kitchen wall decorating in red colors, furniture upholstery, curtains, tablecloth, napkins in red colors, kitchen utensils and red dinnerware is not recommended. The less is more.

Modern dinnerware with red flower pattern, serving tray with red poppies

White dinnerware sets with red poppy flowers, red floral pattern with green leaves

Also, according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui home decorating principles, lots of bright red color can creates negative effects in the house. Solid red dinnerware sets are not recommended for people with high blood pressure or bleeding problems. Exciting bright red color is great for festive dining room decorating, but everyday dinnerware sets in red color are not good for hot-tempered and prone to aggression people.

Matching interior design colors

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Modern white dinnerware sets with red poppy flowers

Modern dinnerware, white dinnerware with floral pattern in green-black-red colors

Green-black-red floral pattern, white dinnerware with bright red poppy flowers and green leaves

Bright dinnerware sets and dining room decorating items in red colors can cause headaches and insomnia. Everyday dinnerware sets with bright white and red floral patterns or geometric prints feel more balanced and relaxing.

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Modern teapot with red floral pattern

Modern teapot, green-black-red and white dinnerware with floral pattern

Beautiful green-black-red and white teapot with floral pattern

Trendy and beautiful, inspired by red poppy flowers, the green-black-red and white dinnerware patterns are pleasant, calming and very decorative. Red and white dinnerware helps fight the anxiety and improve mood, adding gorgeous floral designs to bright dining room decorating.

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Bright red color is great for small decorative accessories, accent wall design and dining sets for special occasion and holiday decor. Everyday dinnerware with floral patterns in green-black-red and white colors creates welcoming table setting and cheerful dining room atmosphere.

White dinnerware in retro style

Red poppy flowers, modern dinnerware with floral patterns in retro style

Retro dinnerware set with bright red floral pattern, modern white dinnerware with red flowers

Red color is perfect for accentuating table decor and interior decorating. Red color visually increases the size of any object, adding drama to interior decorating. Wall painting, decorative vases or modern dinnerware with red details or floral patterns look spectacular and bold.

Red and white dinnerware, pots and pans with floral patterns

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  last updated: 08.09.2013