Original Cinder Block Ideas for DIY Yard Decorations

fountain made with cinder blocks

Cinder blocks are excellent choices for handmade yard decorations, unique lighting design, unpretentious and practical seating, simple barbecue pits, surprising water fountains, and planters. Concrete blocks make beautiful and eco-friendly pavers for walkways, steps, offer strong legs for benches, and stands. Easy to build designs are cheap also, ideal for those homeowners with a creative spark and a taste for the unusual and trendy outdoor decor. There are unlimited possibilities for creating unique yard decorations for all who enjoy DIY projects.

Great cinder block projects include garden benches, fire pits, fire wood holders, shelving and landscaping accents. Concrete blocks bring rhythm into yard landscaping and create durable garden designs. Cinder blocks turn into beautiful accents almost effortlessly, creating walkways, pretty lights and welcoming seating areas. Wall decorations with flowers and raised cinder block gardens are spectacular centerpieces, ideal for practical and beautiful yard landscaping.

painted bright colors stand
Simple stand painted bright yellow and blue colors

Use landscaping cloth, fill the block with top soil and plant flowers to beautify your yard and concrete walls. Water your flowering plants and enjoy the contemporary garden which is elegant, organized and neat. Check out some building block ideas and spend fantastic time building your designs. Cinder blocks are fun.

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Quick and easy DIY projects are perfect for those who want to get a sense of accomplishment in no time. Many of these fun projects, especially painting cinder blocks and planting beautiful flowers are fantastic ideas for adults and children. Designing and decorating your home is always great fun for all working together.

raised garden with summer flowers
Raised garden design with cinder blocks and summer flowers
concrete bench with flowering plants
Blooming bench
raised garden design
Vertical garden, cinder block planters with red flowers
fire wood holder
Creative fire wood holder made with cinder blocks
screen blocks paving
Screen block pavers
concrete block fire pit
DIY concrete fire pit idea

diy outdoor lighting concrete blocks stove diy flower planters concrete and wood bench cinder blocks stairs block wall with candles raised block garden design fountain made with cinder blocksfire pit built with cinder blocks vertical garden built with cinder blocks cinder block bench with wooden seat and plants

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 28.09.2017