Modern Apartment Ideas Bringing Colorful Dreams into Bright Home Interiors


modern ideas for decorating small apartments with bright colors and geometric shapes

Modern apartment ideas create bright and spacious living spaces in small rooms. Blending vivid colors and geometric decoration patterns or shapes, designer add character and interest to white decorating and brighten up apartment ideas and celebrate colorful dreams. Vivid room colors and geometric shapes are modern trends in decorations which are suitable for all, from kids to elder people. Lushome presents these colorful apartment ideas developed for a senior couple living in Budapest, Hungary.

Modern interior design and and decorating ideas play with an ellipse in various colors. Ellipses decorate all rooms. Large windows allow sunlight to penetrate freely into the living spaces, and contemporary room furniture create a sense of freedom, spaciousness and dynamism. The owners appreciate modern interior design and Green ideas. LED lights and energy-saving home appliances make this colorful home eco friendly.

En suite bedroom decorating ideas blend functional and decorative approaches creating intimate and pleasant living spaces with colorful cushions and accents that can please any textile designer.
Modern interior design and decorating show love of colors and reflect creative personalities of the owners.

Modern interior design with lights that change room color like chameleons

Colorful and inspiring modern interior design and decor ideas

Colorful apartment ideas

Modern apartment ideas, bright room colors and geometric shapes

Colorful apartment ideas transformed the space into a dream home. White decorating with colorful accents look beautiful in natural light and create interesting and peaceful atmosphere in LED light at night.

White decorating add spaciousness to modern apartment ideas. Colorful accents and playful geometric shades bring a sense of joy into small rooms. Functional and creative, these modern apartment ideas is an amazing, beautiful and personalized interpretation of the latest trends in decorating, mixing tradition with novel, classic with contemporary.

Modern living room design with white furniture and colorful accents in yellow, red and green colors

Art Deco decor elements and elegance of simple lines, geometric decoration patterns and modest white decorating, colored glass and beautiful textiles, Green Led lights and eco friendly home appliances with low power consumption offer great inspirations for modern apartment ideas.

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Geometric shapes and creative ideas to reuse and recycle what people have in their homes allow to design unique accents, like a handmade bathroom mat created of pillows from the house. Simple, colorful and modern apartment ideas bring freshness and joy into small rooms. Green ideas and creative recycling help personalize these beautiful, playful and youthful apartment ideas and add character to every room.

White kitchen design with colorful accents in yellow, red and green colors

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 31.10.2016


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