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Lushome brings you creative ideas and latest trends in home decorating, modern interior design and residential architecture. Lushome is the blog maintained by Accord Design Decor & Staging, an interior design company, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, providing decorating and home staging services.

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Lushome re-Design Kaleidoscope keeps you informed, while home decorating and home staging by Accord creates modern interior design and stylish room decor, turning your home interiors into more functional and beautiful, healthy and eco friendly, comfortable and inviting living spaces, perfect for enjoyable, stress-free lifestyle. Home staging with Accord prepares your property to stand out as the real estate market competition increases.

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Interior decorating and home staging services

Customized and unique home organization solutions, creative and eco friendly home decorating ideas, trendy room colors and functional interior design dramatically transform homes. Accord services merge professional home staging, home redesign, eco friendly and modern interior decorating ideas with strategic furniture placement and existing decor accessories to design pleasant homes and attractive properties with a universal appeal that sells homes fast.

interior decorating and home staging
Call or send e-mail, requesting an interior decorating or home staging consultation, and enjoy Accord team’s friendly attitude, resourcefulness, creativity and high professional standards. Accord team treats clients and Lushome readers with respect, honesty and integrity, and uses knowledge, decorating talents and skills for providing information and creating beautiful interior design for comfortable life or staging your property for fast sale for top dollar.
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blue paint interior decoratingEna Russ, an experienced home stager and Accord’s owner, offers highly customer-oriented interior redesign, decorating and home staging services that help homeowners to add more style to their houses and apartments, or prepare their properties for impressive presentations and quick sale.

The company offers a variety of home staging and interior design services, including virtual and conventional in-home staging, interior redesign and home decorating, room function defining design and space planning, modern color selection consultations, move-in assistance and home organization tips.modern bathroom design withcorner bathtub

The combination of professional home staging techniques and digital technology allows to offer few advanced services: virtual staging to prepare attractive photographs for listings, virtual home decorating and color consultations.

Accord is able to show clients their transformed and virtually staged homes with their own furniture and accessories before interior redesign or home staging starts, offering a unique opportunity to visualize the final look of their home interiors and house exterior design before changes room design yellow green colors

What is home staging for sale?

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What is home staging? Professional home staging is the art of creating functional and modern interior design and decorating ideas, developed by creative and resourceful homestagers for selling homes quick and for the best market prices. Halifax, Dartmouth and Eastern shore property staging is about celebrating local traditions and charming beauty of natural surroundings, style and elegance, functional home decor and practical furniture arrangement. Home staging brings light room colors and airy interior decorating ideas into home interiors, creates inviting room design and pleasant curb appeal .
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Halifax-Dartmouth and NS Eastern shore property staging is about creating attractive and welcoming, comfortable and modern interior design, bright home decor and curb appeal that highlight finest architectural features, emphasize local traditions and stress-free lifestyle, and create an ultimate property presentation.

Staging homes for sale adds more style to home decor and furniture arrangement, bringing inexpensive and elegant interior decorating ideas into room design. Bright and eco friendly home staging evokes the feeling of enjoyment and demonstrates the home beauty, attracting more potential buyers to your home and selling it for good money.

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Home staging tips on Lushome

fish aquarium with goldfishLushome offers a large category Home Staging, providing tons of useful information, smart home organization solutions and creatively inexpensive interior decorating ideas for staging home interiors for sale. Modern interior design and decorating ideas, attractive home decor and practical furniture arrangement, light interior colors and spacious room design with well-organized storage spaces are just few elements of staging homes for comfortable lifestyle or successful sale.

Getting rid of clutter and effective home organization ideas help home owners maximize their living spaces, emphasize relaxing lifestyle, reuse and recycle useless items, Feng Shui interior design and create modern homes for easy, stress-free and pleasant living.home storage ideas and organization tips

Interior decorating or home staging consultation

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