Hybrid Home and Office Design, Idea Creating Unique Property for Rent in Amsterdam

modern home and office design ideas for small spaces

Modern home and office design ideas for small spaces

Lushome presents a unique home and office design project called Zoku Loft by Concrete Architectural Associates. The modern home and office design creates this beautiful, ergonomic and contemporary property for rent in Amsterdam, Netherlands, demonstrating a new category of properties in the hospitality industry.

Small apartment and office design offers ergonomic and attractive 25 sq m of bright and comfortable living spaces. A bed is a centerpiece of traditional hotel room decorating, but the hybrid home and office design takes a different approach for decorating this small apartment. A large table takes the central role.

Designed for work, dining and rest, the modern home-office is a unique rental property which is contemporary and multifunctional. A double bed, wooden furniture, bamboo floor and attractive textiles bring coziness into the modern home and office design.

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Hybrid home and office design

Modern home and office design ideas for small spaces

Its work area and sleeping area are decorated for ultimate convenience. offering great inspirations for decorating small apartments and home office designs. Large windows increase a spacious feel and create bright living spaces for work and relaxation.

Its small kitchen has everything a person needs, including contemporary kitchen appliances, a stove, sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and coffee machine. The small kitchen design is compact, ergonomic and convenient.

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Small bathroom design with spacious shower enclosure and a mirror on the back wall visually increases small spaces. Everything is small but comfortable and stylish, celebrating compact contemporary and ergonomic design ideas, perfect for decorating small apartments and homes.

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The elevated sleeping area, with super comfy king-size bed, can be screened off for visitors. Stylish sliding doors can also hide away the bathroom and kitchen. The Zoku Loft also features plenty of storage space for suitcases, as well as an alcove desk complete with office supplies. While rentable by the night, Zoku Lofts are especially designed for those seeking a temporary residence for a few days or several months.

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  last updated: 24.10.2016