Home Staging Tips and Interior Design Ideas for Narrow Small Spaces

modern interior design ideas and home staging tips for small rooms

Narrow small spaces can be beautified and harmonized by applying smart home staging tips and modern interior design ideas. Any narrow small spaces can look attractive and balanced. Good furniture placement, right room colors and wall decor help create stylish, functional and comfortable small rooms.

Narrow small rooms call for cozy, space saving and functional interior design. Lushome collection of ideas and home staging tips show how to stretch narrow small spaces visually, and create perfect room furniture placement layouts that balance and harmonize narrow rooms.

Light room colors, compact furniture design ideas, transformers, space saving solutions, color contrasts and simple lines are wonderful tricks for balancing narrow small spaces and creating balanced, bright and cozy room design.

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Home staging tips for narrow small rooms

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1. Select light interior colors, soft pastels, light brown color shades, and pale neutral colors for design and decorating small rooms.

2. Strong color contrasts help change room proportions and balance small rooms. White paint colors add space to small rooms visually, dark floor decor or accent wall bring coziness into living spaces.

3. Long walls need to be light. Pale purple color tones, sky blue, soft green and white paint colors are ideal for long walls in small rooms.

4. Short wall design can be accentuated with warm colors in medium to light shades.

Simple compact living room furniture, bar table for dining area and white kitchen cabinets, ideas for decorating small spaces

5. Horizontal lines, arches and horizontal decoration patterns on short walls help stretch small spaces and create balanced living spaces.

6. Room furniture featuring compact design and simple lines are ideal for small spaces.

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7. Mirrored surfaces, wall mirrors and mirrored furniture pieces help create bright small rooms which feel larger.

8. Bright lighting fixtures are important for stretching small rooms visually.

Space saving furniture placement for narrow small rooms, modern living room design

9. Creating pleasant optical illusions with artworks on long walls which add depth to interior design and make small rooms feel wider.

10. Placing interesting accents in a corner helps balancing long room design.

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 30.09.2015


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