Eclectic Interior Design Showing Brave Combinations of Materials and Room Colors

small home office design in eclectic style

Unique home office design with wooden walls, sliding glass doors and glowing artworks on dark walls

Eclectic interior design style allows to create unusual, brave and spectacular color combinations, challenging traditional room colors and personalize living spaces. By adding surprising blends of traditional and contemporary materials, designer create amazing home interiors mixing textures into unique and modern interiors in eclectic style.

Lushome presents this brave and clever interior design project celebrating eclectic style choices. Black ceiling and mimicking leather wallpaper designs, colorful paintings and frames with LED lights turn ordinary rooms into stunning, bright and unique living spaces in eclectic style. The modern interior design ideas harmoniously blend personality and latest trends in decorating, spicing up living spaces with vivid room colors and spectacular contrasts.

The modern interior design project uses velvet and glossy surfaces, panoramic glass wall design and black ceiling finish, creating energetic, functional and stylish home for a family with kids. There are plenty of convenient storage spaces, comfortable kitchen design, impressive living room and beautiful bedrooms in the apartment envisioned by Russian designer Y.Solovyova.

Black ceiling designs creating modern home interiors that look unusual and mysterious

Glowing tableware, Sake drinking glasses with LED lights

Modern interiors in eclectic style

Black ceiling design and leather furniture for modern living room in eclectic style

Modern interior design in eclectic style is a wonderful alternative for all who have bright and expressive personalities. Various textures, bright room colors, strong color contrasts and play of light emphasize unique interior design ideas in eclectic style.

Open living room and kitchen design create family friendly, informal and relaxing atmosphere of contemporary homes. Panoramic glass wall design adds chic and modern vibe to the apartment.

Black and white kitchen design, wooden dining furniture

Modern wallpaper designs with various textures create stunning decorative effects and personalize interior design. Mirrored surfaces bring more light into home interiors and enhance the beautify of contrasting room colors.

Eclectic interior design ideas for modern kitchens and dining rooms

25 gorgeous interior design ideas for your home theater and media room

The animal decor theme is a great idea for modern interior design in eclectic style. Zebra decoration pattern and black ceiling look impressive and adventurous. Combined with soft glowing lighting fixtures and wooden floors they create interesting and unusual home interiors.

Wooden coffee table and light leather furniture for living room

Kids room design mixes walls painted neutral color and bright vinyl wall stickers creating interesting and playful wall murals.

Spectacular interior design and decorating in eclectic style, vintage furniture, rustic wood and unique decorative accents

30 glowing ceiling design with hidden LED lighting fixtures

Modern lighting fixtures reflect the eclectic beauty of these home interiors and spruce up the living spaces with LED lights. Dimmers allow to change the mood in the living room, creating wonderful environment for relaxation and family fun.

Seating area furniture in vintage style

Room colors are light, balancing black ceiling and black and white decorating ideas. Neutral colors, like grayish white and beige are classy choices for creating beautiful backgrounds for colorful interior design and display attractive room furniture.

Eclectic interior design for small spaces, masculine apartment ideas

25 dining room decorating ideas in eclectic style

Leather furniture is practical for homes with kids. Unique decorative accessories, photo prints and paintings in frames with LED lights give unique character to modern interior design and make rooms look amazing at night.

Zebra wallpaper pattern, black and white decorating ideas

These modern interior design ideas in eclectic style provide great inspirations. Textures, room colors and finishes are blended in accordance with unique tastes of dwellers, creating interesting and exclusive, functional and attractive home interiors reflecting the family lifestyle.

Unique small home office design

Unique home office design with wooden walls, sliding glass doors and glowing artworks on dark walls

Leather wallpaper texture , glass doors and wooden furniture, small home office design in eclectic style

Colorful kids room decorating ideas

Colorful furniture for kids room

Creative wall decorating ideas, colorful baby nursery decor

Small bathroom design

Small bathroom design with dark walls, furniture and accessories in golden color


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 07.09.2015


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