Colorful Kids Bedroom and Playroom Design

blue paint colors bedrooms designs children furniture

Blue accessories and painting ideas, children bedroom-playroom design, nautical decorating theme

Parents want to create for their children the most exciting, functional and comfortable bedroom and playroom area design, but kids grow fast, and parents need to think about changing kids bedroom-playroom design, different decorating ideas for kids rooms in the future and the cost of it also. If you can afford, use the opportunity anyway and create colorful kids bedroom decor with a castle for a young princess or a ship for your sailor. Unique and colorful decorating ideas for kids rooms are not the most practical choice, but children will love it.

Modern kids bedroom decor includes furniture for sleeping and playing. One of the most important consideration is young child’s personality and preferences. It is important to know what decorating ideas kids like and what wallpaper patterns or paint colors they prefer before changing kids bedroom decor. Favorite kids decorating ideas are important, creative and inspiring.

Discuss with young kids all options, modern wall decorating ideas with stickers, wallpaper or wall paint design, before proceeding with kids bedroom decor transformation. Ask what kids bedroom furniture they like, and look at all possible changes you can make in their bedroom in order to please young children.

bedroom furniture children bunk beds paint colorsColorful kids room paint and furniture, yellow-green-blue modern kids bedroom decor, functional decorating ideas for kids rooms

The important element of finding best decorating ideas for kids rooms is listening to children. Children wishes, personal preferences, interests and talents are inspirations for creating colorful personal kids bedroom and playroom design.

Kids bedroom decor themes

If a girl likes to play with dolls, use this traditional and beautiful girls room decor theme. All you need is to arrange a special place for her dolls. If young kids like to read, then you need to design a cozy window seat with inviting cushions and decorate kids bedroom with book shelves.

kid furniture child bed children wall decorNautical children bedroom decorating theme, blue bedding, framed pictures and red paint wall decor

Organize books on low book shelves for kids safety and comfort or use growing with kids furniture designs in kids playroom. Functional kids furniture design with adjustable height is the best choice for young kids bedroom or playroom decorating.

bed ship nautical decor green yellow paint colorsYellow-green paint colors, nautical children bedroom decorating theme, ship shaped kid bed for bedroom-playroom design

If your children enjoy sports, use sport kids room decor theme. Sport kids bedding, toys and items from the world of sport are perfect decorating ideas for kids rooms walls. Kids bedroom decor would feel interesting, inviting and comfortable for children.

blue paint colors bedrooms designs children furnitureBlue accessories and painting ideas, kids bedroom-playroom design, nautical children bedroom decorating theme

Colorful painting ideas and portraits of kids’ favorite athletes, characters, musicians or writers create attractive and meaningful personal kids bedroom decor in no time. Framed pictures and bright paint colors are money saving, very effective and easy decorating ideas for kids rooms walls. (Look at kids room decorating with clutter and creative walls design.)

white pink girl bedroom playroom design decor paintWhite-pink floral bedroom decorating theme, girls bedroom-playroom design and decor accessories

If kids room design allows to install a sport activity simulator, the Swedish wall for active kids or custom made kids furniture, including creatively designed bed, desk, chairs or book shelves, children would appreciate your effort and thoughtful decorating ideas for kids.

floral flower theme decor painting green red pinkGreen-blue-purple decorating ideas for kids rooms, floral bedroom decor theme, girls bedroom-playroom design

Outer space kids bedroom decor, colorful planets bedding  and unique bedroom-playroom design will be enjoyed by adventure lovers. If your son or daughter is interested in music, decorating ideas for kids rooms can include black and white framed pictures of great musicians, colorful small musical instruments and notes on the wall, stickers or painting ideas that support music kids room decor theme.

automobil decor theme ideas kids rooms bedroomsCar shaped bunk beds, brown and blue decor colors, functional children bedroom-playroom design

Black color for kids bedroom and playroom decorating
Ergonomic desk for young kids study area
Colored pencils for making decorations with kids

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  last updated: 04.10.2016