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Modern Patio Ideas to Steal from Beautiful Mediterranean Homes

Modern patio ideas in Mediterranean styles mix beautiful backyard designs with comfortable dining areas and vivid decorating colors reflecting the beauty of the Mediterranean regions. Exotic details, inspired by Moroccan decor can accentuate decorating in Spanish style. Modern patio ideas blend vibrancy and mystery, comfort and luxury into backyard designs in Mediterranean styles. Lushome shares beautiful outdoor home decorating ideas…

Trendy Color Combinations for Modern Interior Design in Blue and Yellow

Blue and yellow color combinations look peaceful, warm and balanced. Blue color is versatile, perfect for modern interior design in any season. Yellow color shades add warmth to blue and yellow color combinations, creating sunny atmosphere in fall and winter. Lushome shares a few great interior design ideas that demonstrate how stylish blue and yellow color combinations transform rooms. Medium…

Latest Trends in Yellow Kitchen Colors

Modern kitchen colors are available in a wide variety of cool and warm hues. Light gray, creamy white, pale blue and off white are some of modern kitchen colors which can be used for new kitchen design or old kitchen redesign. Lushome collection of modern kitchens in yellow color is for all people who love the happy, optimistic and bright…

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas Accentuated with Sunny Yellow Color

Small kitchens can be brighten up and style with light yellow color shades. Small kitchen design and color schemes for small spaces need to be light and soft to make the best with what you have, visually increasing small spaces and creating pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Small kitchens can be beautiful, comfortable and modern. Lushome collection of kitchen remodeling ideas…

30 Bright Home Decorating Ideas Bringing Yellow Color and Lemons into Decor

Lemons are great home decorations. These citrus fruits bring bright yellow color, soft round shapes and fabulous aroma into homes. Yellow color brighten up home decorating ideas and looks wonderfully fresh and pleasant with green colors, all white tones, light gray color, light and dark brown colors, pale, pastel and deep purple color shades. Lemons create gorgeous table centerpieces, add…

Yellow Kitchen Colors, 22 Bright Modern Kitchen Design and Decorating Ideas

Yellow kitchen colors offer great decorating ideas that brighten up modern kitchen design and bring happy mood into homes. By changing kitchen colors, painting walls or kitchen cabinets, adding furniture and decor accessories in yellow colors, you can dramatically transform your kitchen and create sunny bright, comfortable and modern kitchen decor. Painting walls or kitchen cabinets bright yellow color change…

22 Bright Interior Design and Home Decorating Ideas with Lemon Yellow and Mint Green Flavors

Yellow color is great for improving mood and health. Modern interior design and home decorating with bright and warm yellow colors create happy, cheerful and optimistic living spaces. Inspired by lemons, light yellow color is associated with brightness and sunshine. It is a warm color, so it should definitely be used to bring coziness and comfort into interior decorating color…

Unusually Colorful Modern Interior Design Ideas with Masculine Vibe and Bright Look

Unusually colorful modern interior design ideas will surprise men, but encourage them to explore their favorite color combinations and bright hues for transforming their rooms. Brazilian designers Fabiana Stuchi and Carlos Leite developed these vivid, stylish and energetic modern home interiors in bright yellow and blue colors, which still show masculine vibe. Bright colors are great for decorating small apartments…

Golden and Blue Color Combination Adding Elegance to Modern Apartment Ideas

Golden and blue color combination brings chic, fresh feel and elegance into modern interior design, adding beautiful room colors to modern apartment ideas and turning this small flat in Moscow into a functional and stylish home. Designers Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich envisioned these beautiful home interiors, blending pleasant blue and golden colors with creative interior design ideas and unique…

Soft Yellow and Pastel Green Colors, Modern Color Trends

Creating modern interior design and decor is the art which reflects personality and different lifestyles. Modern room colors help keep home interiors look fresh and contemporary. Modern color trends bring beautiful color combinations for creating unique and personal interior design and decor. Natural colors, soft yellow and pastel green colors are wonderful color trends for decorating homes. Soft yellow and…

Contemporary Interior Design Accentuated with Warm Yellow and Red Colors

This modern house design in contemporary style blends elegant decor and neutral colors with surprising, bright and warm color accents. Rich yellow and red colors bring energy into modern interior design and make room decor feel welcoming, festive and cheerful. This modern house is built by Giulietti Schouten Architects, The modern Hollcroft Residence features elegant interior design and decor,…

25 Dazzling Interior Design and Decorating Ideas, Modern Yellow Color Combinations

Color is an effective way to change your interior design and decorating, influence your emotions, health and mood. Many people are better and more joyful in room decorated with yellow colors that feels like a sunny day. People require light and sunshine to be fit and healthy, and yellow color tricks human eyes and brain into interpreting yellow interior decorating…

Luminous Interior Design Ideas and Shining Yellow Color Schemes

Yellow is the color of gold, butter and ripe lemons, bringing rich, soft and juicy flavors into modern interior design. Yellow color schemes are associated with luxury, warmth and sunshine. Interior design with yellow color feels optimistic and pleasant. Yellow interior decorating influences our mood, making us feel happier. Yellow colors look harmonious with orange and green, and create fabulous…

25 Ideas for Dining Room Decorating with Yelow and Green Colors

Dining furniture in yellow color looks sunny warm and perfect for country-style kitchens dining room decorating. Yellow and green color combinations feel natural and happy, bright and timeless, always stylish and inviting. Yellow and green color combinations work well retro modern interior decorating and contemporary kitchens and dining room decorating, especially when combined with glossy decor accessories. Yellow and green…

20 Modern Kitchens Decorated with Yellow and Green Colors

Green and yellow paint colors are excellent choices for modern kitchen design and decorating. Yellow kitchen cabinets and wall paint colors give home interiors instant cheer and warmth, while green colors add freshness and natural feel to your home. Dark kitchen interiors and kitchens on the north side of the house can be easily brighten up with white decorating ideas,…

Small Kitchen Designs in Yellow and Green Colors Accentuated with Red or Light Blue

Modern kitchen cabinet and wall paint colors help to create bright, warm, inviting and unique modern kitchen designs. COntemporary plastic o traditionally wooden, modern kitchen cabinets can be almost any color. Yellow and green colors, calmed down with white decorating ideas and light turquoise blue color are excellent choices for welcoming and cheerful kitchen interiors. Kitchen cabinets and wall paint…

Feng Shui Colors for Interior Design and Decor, Yellow Color Shades

According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, color is important for inviting wealth, health and good mood into your life. The right choice and amount of Feng Shui color not only enhance exterior and interior design and decor

Spacious Modern House Design and Decorating, Peak 8 Penthouse in Colorado

Spacious modern house design in Colorado offers a lush home interiors for a family with three kids. Peak 8 Penthouse features attractive exterior and generously sized interiors. The comfortable, functional and beautiful

25 Modern Bathroom Ideas Adding Sunny Yellow Accents to Bathroom Design

Rich yellow color is one of modern bathroom decorating ideas that bring sunny atmosphere into interior design. Yellow bathroom tiles, yellow walls, decorated with bathroom tiles, interior paint or bathroom wallpaper, floor

Unique Lighting Design Ideas, Skirting Board Sunset Floor Lamp

Unique lighting design idea from Dutch multidisciplinary visual artist Helmut Smits is romantic and creative. Made of perspex, the floor lamp Skirting Board Sunset with LED lights is a bright, eco friendly and charming contemporary

Golden Colors for Modern Interior Decorating to Attract Wealth, Feng Shui Colors

Golden colors and gold have always played a major role in life. Golden colors are traditional symbols of power, success and luxury, and in many cultures this noble metal has been an important part of luxurious

Ideas for Kids Rooms, Yellow Color for Happy Kids Rooms Decor

Yellow paint and wallpaper for kids, decorative pillows and curtains look bright and optimistic, creating beautiful kids rooms decor. Yellow color feels sunny ad warm. Yellow paint, wallpaper and decorative fabrics

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