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Outdoor Home Decorating Ideas and Light Blue Pink Color Combination

outdoor rooms, dining table and chairs, table decoration

Outdoor home decorating is fun. Light colors and strong contrasts, comfortable outdoor furniture and blooming flowers create pleasant and beautiful outdoor seating areas and give outdoor rooms that airy, cool and stylish look. Lushome shares a wonderful collection of outdoor home decorating ideas and a light blue-pink color combination, perfect for cottage style and ocean front home decor. The light…

How to Add Blue Color to Modern Kitchen Design and Decorating

modern kitchens in blue colors

Blue hues are wonderful kitchen colors. Kitchen cabinets and shelves, kitchen island designs and wall tiles, dining furniture and decorative fabrics in blue color look cool, calming and fresh. Blue colors make people eat less food, helping to loose weight, so blue color shades and tones can be strategically added to modern kitchen design and decorating color schemes to create…

Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Adding Cool Elegance to Winter Holiday Decor

Christmas decorating with blue colors

All blue hues are perfect Christmas colors. Dark and light blue color shades and pastel tones bring cool elegance into homes and add beautiful accents to winter holiday decor. Blue Christmas lights and Christmas decorations are one of popular Christmas trends that add natural feel of ice and gorgeous look of night skies to Christmas decorating ideas. Blue Christmas tree…

Blue Paint Color and Home Furnishings, Matching Colors for Modern Interior Design and Decor

blue color matching ideas, modern interior design and home decorating

Colorful interior design trends ask for pleasant and skillful color matching. There is no wrong ways for color matching, but some color schemes, shades and tones combinations are more attractive, elegant and beautiful. Blue paint color and home furnishings in green, purple, yellowish and pink colors look harmonious, stylish and inviting. Lushome presents easy ways to combine these room colors…

Unusually Colorful Modern Interior Design Ideas with Masculine Vibe and Bright Look

decorating small apartment with bright yellow and blue colors

Unusually colorful modern interior design ideas will surprise men, but encourage them to explore their favorite color combinations and bright hues for transforming their rooms. Brazilian designers Fabiana Stuchi and Carlos Leite developed these vivid, stylish and energetic modern home interiors in bright yellow and blue colors, which still show masculine vibe. Bright colors are great for decorating small apartments…

Modern Inteiror Design Blending Classic and Modern Ideas in Mediterranean Styles

bedroom decorating with white blue and yellow color combination

These modern interiors look very interesting, creative and unusual, offering great inspirations for modern interior design. The hotel is located in Spain and offers cozy and stylish rooms that impress and delight with rich decorating, stylish patterns, deep colors and combinations of textures. These modern interiors are filled with chic and comfort while providing contemporary comfort and relazing atmosphere of…

3 Blue and Green Color Schemes Creating Spectacular Interior Design and Decor

turquoise and purple dining room decorating

This beautiful home features spacious and bright rooms decorated in light blue and green colors. Deep purple color shades, rich blue, orange and warm yellow color shades accentuate fresh and calming blue-green color schemes. Modern interior design and decor looks artistic, demonstrating modern artworks and creative wall niches with glass bases. The home interiors provide a wonderful place for a…

Bright Kitchen Design in Rich Blue Color

modern kitchen design and decor in blue color

This kitchen design and decor is tremendously enhanced with bright blue color, creating a fabulous, stylish and beautiful space. Interior design in rich blue color is associated with the water, ocean waves, gorgeous blue flowers and warm southern nights. Modern kitchen design in blue color feels bright and peaceful. Blue kitchen design and decor create beneficial effects, help to loose…

Bright Colors and Creative Wall Decorations for Modern Office Design

modern office design and decorating ideas

Bright colors and creative wall decorations add unique character and an unusual look to modern office design. The idea was to develop personalized working spaces for a team of the Webshake company in Bucharest. The clients wanted a fun, energetic and colorful interior. Yellow and blue color combination adds energy and personality to this modern office design. The two strong…

Golden and Blue Color Combination Adding Elegance to Modern Apartment Ideas

decorating small apartments in contemporary style

Golden and blue color combination brings chic, fresh feel and elegance into modern interior design, adding beautiful room colors to modern apartment ideas and turning this small flat in Moscow into a functional and stylish home. Designers Taras Bezrukov and Stas Samkovich envisioned these beautiful home interiors, blending pleasant blue and golden colors with creative interior design ideas and unique…

Modern House Blending Concrete Architectural Design with Cozy Cottage Decor

interior decorating in cottage style with turquoise blue and red color accents

Spanish architect Enrique Johansson designed this amazing summer house in Cadiz. The resort style home is a perfect mix of modern interior design and outdoor home decor ideas that balance indoor and outdoor living and creates a beautiful home. The contemporary house feels spacious and inviting, stylish and very comfortable. The modern house features L-shaped floor plan and offers privacy…

Modern Wall Tile Designs in White and Blue Colors Inspired by Famous Delfware

white and blue wall tiles for interior design

Modern tile designs in white and blue colors, inspired by Delfware, bring vintage style into wall decor and help create amazing accent walls which are unique and spectacular. Delftware, or Delft pottery, denotes pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands and the tin-glazed pottery made in the Netherlands from the 16th century. Beautiful wall tiles add luxury and…

Small Garden House Design and Interior Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Living in Style

Small garden house turned into kids playhouse and vacation home

Outdoor living with a summer house feels luxurious, exciting and eco friendly. A summer house allows you to enjoy the outdoors in style, and can also double as a functional space such as an art studio, a guest room or a small home office. Small summer houses and garden sheds can be beautifully decorated in various styles creating perfect garden…

Modern Interior Design Playing with Contrasting Blue and Orange Colors

black and white rooms with accents in blue and orange colors

Modern interior design ideas, enhanced with complementary blue and orange colors, look elegant, balanced, bright and pleasant. This stylish small apartment is inspired by Scandinavian homes, perfect for simple comfortable lifestyle. Blue and orange colors feel playful and fresh, when used together in interior design color schemes. Light turquoise blue color, complimented by green and rich orange colors look especially…

Red, White and Blue Colors Adding Patriotic Decoration Vibe to Summer Homes

Adding Patriotic Decoration Vibe

Bright red, white and blue colors look beautiful and festive, offering excellent color schemes for patriotic decoration in countries that have national flags in red, white and blue colors. Stripes or splattered in zigzag waves in red and blue colors look fabulous with white and add great patterns and colorful dynamic contrasts to patriotic decoration for the 4th of July…

25 Patriotic Decoration Ideas for White, Red and Blue Party Table Decor

independence day party ideas in white blue and red colors

Patriotic decoration ideas and white-blue-red color combinations are ideal for your 4th of July party table. Also patriotic decorations and white-blue and red colors can be used for your table decoration on several occasions all year around. There are cheap and smart ways to use existing table decorations for your holiday tables anytime of the year. By mixing white-blue and…

How to Use Orange and Blue Color Schemes for Modern Interior Design and Decor

home decorating with blue and orange colors

Orange and blue color schemes bring popular and modern color combination into interior design, adding warmth and cool details to home decorating in relaxing and beautiful style. Orange colors represent hot color trends and light blue color adds calming and fresh accents to modern interior design and decor, creating balanced and gorgeous rooms. Deep orange colors and peach orange shades…

Cool Blue Interior Paint and Colorful Decorative Accents, Summer Decorating Inspirations

blue color and white paint colors for interior decoraitng scandinavian style

Blue interior paint and bright colorful decorative accents, combined with natural wood and white paint colors, create beautiful color schemes for summer decorating or modern interior decorating in elegant and creative Scandinavian style. White and light blue interior paint colors with green and red accents, inspired by juicy strawberries, plants and flowers, look fantastic for bright and airy summer decorating….

Blue and Neutral Color Schemes, Blue Wall Paint for Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Design

blueberries, blue color inspiration

Room colors influence interior design and decor creating a certain mood. Cool blue colors are excellent for modern kitchen and bathroom design color schemes. Light or rich blue color bring its special qualities into you interior design and decor, making it feels calm, peaceful and cool. Rich blue color schemes are wonderful for sunny and bright kitchen design. Light blue…

Light Blue and Brown Color Combinations for Comforting Interior Design and Decor

light blue and brown color schemes with green accents

Light blue and brown color combinations feels tender, smooth and comforting. Light blue paint colors inspired by skies vary in shades, but they all add a pleasantly soft look to modern interior design and decorating with wooden furniture and decor accessories. Very light blue paint colors create beautiful modern interior design color schemes with soft yellow, creamy white, ivory and…

Modern Living Room and Dining Room Decorating Color Schemes with Blue Wall Paint Colors

grayish blue and bluish gray color combination, beach pebbles and sea shell

Modern living room and dining room decorating color schemes which include soft and creamy white paint colors, beige, stone white and pale blue wall paint colors, like faded denim blue and light bluish gray color tones, look calm and elegant. Inspired by the natural beauty of beach pebbles, these interior decorating color schemes are excellent for giving rooms a relaxing…

Modern Kitchen and Bedroom Color Schemes with Light Blue Paint Colors

light blue interior paint colors

Modern kitchen and bedroom color schemes, inspired by gorgeous waterfalls, include clean and playful light blue color shades, combined with a viola purple color for bedroom decorating and a cream and gray color combination for kitchen design. There is a light blue color palette for modern kitchen and bedroom decorating, that includes five beautiful light blue color shades. Each of…

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