Black White Decor

Creative Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Chalk

black chalkboard paint and white drawings for modern wall decoration

Here is a collection of creative bedroom decorating ideas in black and white colors. Black paint and white bedding sets create strong color contrasts that harmonize bedroom decor and make rooms look unusual and unique. Creative accent wall design ideas add interest and an artistic touch to black and white bedroom decorating. Modern bedroom decor in black and white feels…

Modern Home Interiors, Light Room Colors and Fresh Ideas for Interior Decorating

spring decorating and home staging ideas with white color and colorful accents

Spring decorating with light colors is a way to set fresh atmosphere and pleasant mood in a room. Changing room colors for light hues, and adding white decorating ideas to your home interiors transform rooms and create brighter environment. Lushome brings beautiful interior decorating pictures by photographer Stellan Herner, which give great inspirations for creative and stylish spring decorating or…

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Sculptural Kitchen Island Worktop from Snaidero

modern kitchen design, black and white decorating ideas

A new kitchen design from Snaidero features a sculptural kitchen island worktop with a light base and curvy lines that add fine art to modern kitchens and create stylish workspace. Lushome shares pictures of the contemporary kitchen OLA-25, designed by Snaidero and Pininfarina. Contemporary kitchen design ideas, contrasting champagne and black color combination and futuristic forms change the way modern…

25 Easter Eggs Decoration Ideas in Black and White Colors

easter ideas in black and white colors, spring holiday table centerpieces

Lushome brings a collection of contemporary ideas for Easter eggs decoration in black and white colors. These 25 striking ideas present creative ways for decorating Easter eggs in contemporary and vintage style. Black and white decorating ideas look interesting, dramatic and bright, and add fun to the beautiful spring holiday. Strong contrasts, various materials, lace, crocheted designs, unusual details and…

Black White Rooms and Modern Apartment Ideas from MA Loft

modern interiors, black and white rooms

Charming apartment ideas from Polish designers create fabulous black and white rooms with attractive interior design and decor in contemporary style. The apartment is located in the city of Gdansk, on the Baltic Sea and provide bright and luxurious living spaces for contemporary. clutter-free and comfortable lifestyle. Wooden elements and white decorating ideas, contrasting with black details, natural materials and…

Striking Black and White Decor Ideas Creating Elegant and Modern Home Interiors

modern home decorating and designs in black and white

Black and white decor ideas are timelessly elegant, stylish and versatile. Black and white color combinations are suitable for both genders, all rooms and interior decorating styles. Lushome collected these inspiring and stylish interior decorating ideas to share with those who appreciate the sophistication of black and white decor. Simple and balanced, the black and white room decorating ideas create…

Black and White Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

modern christmas colors and latest trends in decorating in black and white colors

Black and white Christmas tree decorating ideas look spectacular. There are many different ways to decorate a black or white Christmas tree, and turn a live green tree into a white decoration with artificial snow. Christmas tree decorating is very personal. You can use modern Christmas colors or stay with your favorite color combination. There is no wrong way to…

15 Modern Home Office Designs with Corner Furniture in Neutral Colors

small home office designs with corner furniture

Modern home office designs with space saving office furniture in corners look more spacious and contemporary. Creating a home office and decorating it in neutral colors are great for home staging and improving any house design. Office furniture in natural wood colors, gray. black or white adds elegance to office designs and brings attractive color contrasts into rooms, making them…

25 Black Kitchen Design Ideas Creating Balanced Interior Decorating Color Schemes

black and white decoraitng with other color accents, modern kitchen interiors

Black kitchen design ideas help bring elegance and balance into interior decorating color schemes and create bold modern kitchens with elements in dark gray and black. Kitchen design in black color look unusual, bold and contemporary, especially with LED lighting. Black color is an elegant color and can easily balance interior decorating color schemes, calming down any bright hue. Black…

22 Creative Modern Ideas for Interior Decorating with Black Chalkboard Paint

painting ideas for interior decorating with chalkboard paint

Black chalkboard paint is great for personalizing interior decorating and transforming walls, furniture and decor accessories into unique and stylish elements of room design. Black chalkboard paint turn architectural and interior decorating elements, – walls, room furniture and accessories, – into original, more functional and interesting objects. Gray or black chalkboard paint is a decorating material that is easy to…

Retro Modern Interior Design Ideas Creating Mysterious Dark Rooms with Black Color

interior decorating with black color in retro style

Black color is one of fabulous, elegant and modern trends in home decorating. Retro modern interior design ideas that create dark, calm and cozy rooms, include black furniture and black wall paint, lamp shades in black colors, wall tiles, bathroom and kitchen countertops and decor accessories in black. Interior design ideas in black color, combined with golden accents and brown…

Interior Decoraitng Ideas and Halloween Decorations in Orange and Black Colors

interior decorating with orange and black colors

Interior decorating with orange and black colors look bright and balanced, offering a wonderful color combination that can stay in your home after Halloween. Orange feels warm and cheerful, while black color add elegance and mystery to interior decorating. Mixed together, these colors are excellent for Halloween decorating, and also can be enjoyed in any season. Bright orange color adds…

25 Black White Decorating Ideas and Halloween Party Table Centerpieces

black and white decor ideas for halloween decoration

Halloween decorating ideas in black and white colors look classy and elegant. Anything in white and black color goes, adding unique touches to this holiday decor. From sophisticated fall decorations painted black color to white candles and tableware can be combined with fall leaves and pumpkins or whimsical witches, black cats, spiders, ghosts and skeletons. Here is a collection of…

20 Scarily Charming Halloween Decorating Ideas in Vintage Style

halloween decorations and party table setting in vintage style

Here are some creative Halloween decorating ideas in vintage style. These scarily charming holiday decorations in black color can be used indoors or outdoors. Holiday decor ideas ideas in vintage style are very popular today, and many designers use them for creating striking and unique displays for Halloween decorating. Halloween decorating in vintage style feels dark, mysterious and extravagant. Look…

25 Ways to Add Black Lamp Shades and Exclusive Style to Modern Interior Design

black and white room decor with large chandelier and black lamp shades

Black lamp shades are not very popular. Black fabrics and surfaces do not reflect light, making interior design appear less bright, but the right combination of black lamp shades with other light, especially white decorating ideas can turn rooms into incredibly stylish, bold and timelessly elegant. Black lamp shades are not suitable for small home interiors with no or tiny…

25 Fun Ideas for Furniture and Wall Decorating with Black Cat Images

furniture and wall decorating with black cats

Furniture and wall decorating with black cat images is creative, unusual and playful. Black cat wall stickers or stencil designs are excellent for Halloween decorating or adding unique, playful and funny accents to interior design. Decorating themes can vary from a cat catching a mouse or chasing birds to romantic two cats and charming little kittens, – any furniture or…

High Contrast Bedroom Decorating with Modern Bedding Sets in Black and White

black and white decorating ideas, black white bedding fabric

Black-and-white linens and decor accessories are a simple way to add bright contrasts to bedroom decorating and create a fantastic background for showing off unique and colorful details. Black and white bedding sets look timelessly classic and elegant, adding a sophisticated touch to modern trends in home decorating with black color. Black-and-white linens makes any bedroom design look classic, blending…

Black and Brown Colors, Modern Interior Design Trends

room decorating with brown colors

Black and brown colors are modern color trends in home decorating. Brown colors create gorgeous interior design inspired by chocolate, cocoa, coffee with milk or cinnamon colors.  Warm and comfortable brown colors are versatile and look almost neutral, like black and white. Brown colors are great for walls and floors, furniture, decor accessories and lighting fixtures. Black is elegant, classy…

Black and Golden Colors, Modern Interior Design Trends

modern interior design and decor in black and golden colors

Black and golden colors create luxurious, elegant and versatile color combinations and set beautiful, bright and modern interior design trends, making home decorating feel exclusive, rich and unique. Perfect for room decorating in Parisian chic style or creating attractive oriental interior design, the black and golden colors are a wonderful choice for creating spectacular home interiors. Black and golden colors…

Unusual Wall Design Idea Turning Old Small Bathroom into Modern and Unique

contemporary bathroom design with glass mosaic tile design

Unusual wall design ideas are interesting and inspiring. Even a small and dark bathroom can be transformed into a spacious, impressive and modern interior with a few interior design ideas, glass and mirrored surfaces that bring natural light into a room and create a fabulous accent wall design. This amazing wall design idea comes from Australia. Two design studios Minosa…

Silhouette Artworks Inspiring Creative Wall Decoration for Teenage Bedroom Design

silhouettes for wall decoration

Inspiring artworks from the world of comic books are created by California based artist Khoa Ho. The Superheroes is the minimalistic collection that takes a look at who these superheroes were before they actually became superheroes.  The concept is interesting, and can be used for creating optimistic and stimulating teenage bedroom design. Creating wall decorations with superheroes silhouettes will bring…

Inexpensive Ways to Add Flair and Color to Black and White Rooms

cheap ideas for modern interior design and decor in black and white colors

Modern interior design can be created with inexpensive room furniture and decor accessories. This house, located in France was bought by Norwegian designer and decorated with a blend of two styles, the elegant French style and practical Scandinavian style. Modern interior design ideas give great inspirations for those who do not want to spend lots of money on decorating home…

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